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  1. freshhh missed bad button and popup > div:last-child > div:first-child > a > img.jetpack-lazy-image.jetpack-lazy-image--handled:first-child
  2. freshhh

    website broken / can't download countdown blocked no download button
  3. freshhh

    website broken / can't download countdown blocked no download button
  4. freshhh


    adblock detection
  5. freshhh

    adblock detection
  6. freshhh

    [Resolved]fake scam ebooks websites
  7. freshhh adblock detection
  8. freshhh

    adblock detection Please Disable ADBlock/Enable Javascript. Our ads are 100% safe No popup ads, No malicious codes Or simply you can purchase a premium account.
  9. freshhh

    be.bpost.mybpost ANDROID

    cannot register with Google account important note: this might be the case for all those apps:
  10. freshhh ANDROID this domain is blocked in Spotify newsletter when you click on an album / single cover how to reproduce: - register a Spotify account - follow some artists - wait before a followed artist has a new track to get an e-mail alert - click album art : redirect isn't working because...
  11. freshhh


    missed popup after validation
  12. freshhh cookies disabled warning cannot enter any competitions
  13. freshhh

    addedinfluence ANDROID app

    blocked if 1st run (doesn't pass first screen and can't log in with social apps)
  14. freshhh


  15. freshhh


    can't get the true download can't bypass
  16. freshhh


    redirect blocked it should be allowed to go there:****
  17. freshhh


    fake scam
  18. freshhh

    freerapid YouTube plugin incompatibility

    if you try to download a YouTube video with this free software it won't complete and stop at 99%
  19. freshhh

    cookies annoyance
  20. freshhh

    Happn [Android]

    conversation doesn't work properly notifications received but most of the time new messages can't be shown in the chat panel, AdGuard must be turned off to be able to read and reply this is a popular app a fix is needed