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    Immoscout24 nag screen (MAC)

    As of this morning, Immoscout24 brought up a nag screen telling me that this is my 1st visit to Immoscout24, which I am visiting since > year on a dialy basis, and that I am using an adblocker. They partnered with Google and offered me a payment scheme (Get a card with 5 Euro, which will...
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    No Google since AG update 1.2

    delete this : No Google since AG update 1.2 I can not delete thread. It seems there was something else going on that was not AG related. Sorry.... I upgraded AG and ever since Google refuses service. Safari 9.0.3 on 10.11.3 When I disable AG, google works as before. Anyone else with that...
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    [Resolved] - ADG mac app, filt. eng,ger

    Howdy, since today here: Safari 9.03 places a full ad over the entire left side of the page, this takes a sec or two, and strange enough, it overlays the articles as well, regardless whether you zoom in or out, the articles stay overlayed. It goes further, you can not click...
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    Q: dangerous request blocked...what specific danger?

    Greetings, after listening to the ever funny "Oh no, Ross and Carrie" podcast about scientology, out of curiousity I went to one of their websites, and Adguard blocked access with the dangerous request warning. Clicking on advanced I was linked to a site where further explanations were given...
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    Sorry if that is a stupid question, on this site here: on the right hand side, below "share this page" is a box that I can not block somehow, I would like to understand why that is. I blocked the element, but as soon as I do that, a new ad is injected at it's...
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    a few questions on my mind

    Greetings, first, I am still evaluating adguard, so consider me a total Greenhorn. I am using the application, OSX 10.11.3. Thanks for patience! 1. I just came across a site that blocked content from viewing as long as adguard is active. Was a german site with medical infos of some sort...