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    [-] AdBlock detected on the following site Just for info.
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    german "" detects AdGuard now...

    (since today...)
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    Questions regarding AWS (Amazon) File Downloads

    Hey guys, we are using AWS as Host for files. When downloading the files and checking checksums the files seem to be "manipulated". It looks like there is some kind of Deep Packet Inspection running. Is it possible that AdGuard is doing something like this?
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    [*] with AdGuard: Access denied

    could be a test, is owned by Axel Springer Verlag, mostly known for doing everything possible against adblockers and all the stuff. Site only is available when AdGuardServices are completely turned off via Task Manager, no idea which setting finally causes the access denied message, somebody of...
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    AdGuard takes 100% cpu since Anniversary update

    Looks like the services are sucking up all CPU, especially during online-gaming. Have to disable Adguard until the problem is solved, its blocking the whole computer. Any ideas anyone?