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  1. Shubam16

    What's the limit of rules for system wide adblocking?

    I get that the Safari limit is 50000. But for the system wide AdBlocking I use the list and a whitelist I am maintaining, I have more than 500 000 rules in DNS protection, what's the limit?
  2. Shubam16

    My Filters are not Updating. + I have a question.

    It just won't let me update my filters. Even when firewall is off. I need help! Also. For my questions. What is the max rules I can have?
  3. Shubam16

    Show Time Saved

    I don't know why but I feel as if this would be a really cool feature. In the adguard app. Next to blocked threats it should show us how much time has been saved by blocking ads and trackers!
  4. Shubam16

    Adguard Failing To Update my Blocklists

    It keeps saying error
  5. Shubam16

    Memorial Website is Blacklisted. That is a memorial site that is blacklisted. PROPER LINK
  6. Shubam16

    [Resolved]Bad site
  7. Shubam16

    [Resolved]Scam Streaming Sites

    Require you to register and put credit card info for a free thing.
  8. Shubam16

    [Resolved]Unsafe Links
  9. Shubam16

    [Resolved]Fake Movie site
  10. Shubam16

    Cracked games that give malware instead of the game
  11. Shubam16

    Fake youtube sites with viruses Those are 3 fake youtube sites. When you visit them. They can give you adware. They are made for if you are typing youtube and do a typo.
  12. Shubam16

    Several I found on Malware domains. Some are already blacklisted localhost
  13. Shubam16

  14. Shubam16

    Fake sites. Potential Malware #Trojan #adware # Potential Malware #adware # Fake Gen that will make u do surveys in exchange for malware/nothing # Malware
  15. Shubam16

    Maximum Amount of rules

    What is the maximum amount of rules we can have?
  16. Shubam16

    [Resolved]Fake and Potential Malware