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  1. twistedvincent

    Whitelisting Amazon Prime App

    I've been using Adguard with my Shield TV successfully for well over a year with no issues but all of a sudden last week my Amazon Prime App wouldn't connect (JUST the prime app)) and I kept getting "internet connectivity issues". After posting to another board I found Adguard was the culprit...
  2. twistedvincent

    Can't Update

    I have a notice that says "new version available"(7.0.2693.6661) but when I click update it shuts down adguard and nothing happens. So I downloaded the exe file and tried that way and it says I already have the latest update BUT it still says update available when I right click the icon. What's...
  3. twistedvincent

    Enable Different Filters on Different Devices

    I'm trying to set up adguard on my shield tv but noticed the filters are the same as on my desktop. Is there a way to use different filters on each because obviously I have completely different adblock needs for each. BTW, I would like to whitelist the youtube vanced app but it's asking for a...
  4. twistedvincent

    [Solved] Dark Mode

    I guess I'm thick headed because I just updated my android app but can't find the dark mode switch. Help?
  5. twistedvincent

    Popup question

    I hope I didn't just screw things up. I have been getting an inordinate amount of popups recently and quite honestly completely forgot I had the Adguard blocker installed. Needless to say I THINK I was supposed to install a script from Greasyfork right? Anyway I need to be able to block a...
  6. twistedvincent

    Shield TV

    I have the latest Nvidia Shield TV 8.0.0 and am trying to set up my Adguard premium https filtering and every time I try to enable the certificate it says "certificate not installed". I bought the lifetime premium because I read that Adguard premium https filtering is my best bet to block the...
  7. twistedvincent

    [Solved] Adguard Suddenly Won't Start

    Today out of the clear blue sky I had 3 popup ads my phone. I removed the only 2 apps that I've installed recently and still the popups continued. That led me to check Adguard which was not only not running but wont start at all. What should I do?
  8. twistedvincent

    Where Can I Find 2.10.108

    I would like to find this apk since it seems to be the only version that blocks youtube ads when using Nvidia Shield TV. Or if anybody else can show me how using another premium version... Thank You.
  9. twistedvincent

    Popup Confusion

    I know most of you don't go to "adult" sites....right. But one I frequent HORRIBLY intrusive has popups from other sites every time I click on, well ANYTHING. I've been an Adguard premium member forever and was wondering if someone could coach me on how to, as simply as possible, take care of...
  10. twistedvincent

    Nvidia Shield TV

    I just upgraded my license, stupidly before checking here. Will Adguard block the most intrusive add's in some of the Playstore apps or did I just waste my money?
  11. twistedvincent

    Pale Moon legacy XPI support?

    I stopped using Adguard because of lack of Pale Moon support. I just tried to install the legacy 2.0.16 xpi and it wouldn't install. So am I not able to use Adguard at all? I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger on re-purchasing. And why is my font color switching at random...really weird. Maybe...
  12. twistedvincent

    Not working with new Pale Moon

    I had to start using Adblock latitude because none of my pages redirect at all using Adguard with the new completely revamped pale Moon using Goanna. I also checked github about my previous issue. Are there Pale Moon alternatives for febe, second search, session manager and tab mix plus?
  13. twistedvincent

    Pale MoonIssues Persist

    With the extension enabled I can't access quite a few sites, usually thru a redirect. And what makes matters worse is when I click on the extension I get nothing but a big black blob. (See Screenshot) Adguard was also freezing all the time as well but I just the new beta. I hope there's a...