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    Is there a consistently reliable way to block Ads in Windows Spotify app?

    I'm struggling to find a consistently reliable way to block ads in the Windows Spotify app, and I'm wondering whether I'm 'doing it wrong' or this just expected. Currently using Windows 10 Pro 20H2 19042.928, AGW 7.6, and Spotify app (Microsoft Store version) In AGW under...
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    AG VPN on Android incompatible with Cloudflare DDoS protection?

    I have now run into multiple websites, that when I access with AG VPN on Android connected, causes the site's Cloudflare DDoS protection to just go in an endless loop. As soon as I disconnect VPN, the loop breaks and I get to the destination website. Here's an example trying to get to...
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    AG VPN - AU server - Websites detect as Japan

    Hi, Using AU server in AG VPN is resulting in sites and search engines offering up Japanese versions of their sites. This has been going on for a while, multiple people have reported it, occurs on multiple devices. If I use a few geolocation sites they detect me as being in Japan. Tested with...
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    AG VPN + Edge - Breaks site by doing a redirect to a broken URL

    Hi, I've run into an odd problem that seems to be caused by AG VPN Chrome extension v0.8.21 when used with Edge Chromium Version 86.0.615.3 (Official build) dev (64-bit). With VPN enabled, if I try and open it immediately redirects to...
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    AGforA 3.5 beta 1 + AG VPN

    I had done the manual config changes to get AG VPN working with AGforA 3.4 as outlined in this blog post - Now we have AGforA 3.5 beta 1 and AG VPN 1.0.155 with native integration. What parts of the manual config changes do I...
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    AG VPN feature request - redundant VPN server in Australia

    Hi Team. I'm based in Australia and using AG VPN has been a pretty good experience with latency always around that 20-30ms and throughput down by, say, 30-40%. Right now, I found that I couldn't connect. The Sydney VPN server was gone from the list. So the next fastest option for me is a...
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    AG VPN on Android - disconnects multiple times per day

    I'm using AG VPN for Android v1.0.131 (SOCKS proxy mode) and AG for Android v3.4.120 on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Android 10 (not rooted). I am working from home so 99% of the time my phone is connected to WiFi as well as 4G LTE. I am connecting to the Sydney VPN location. I could try others...
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    AdGuard VPN - open new browser tab -> prompts for proxy auth

    I've been testing Adguard VPN and so far it has proven to be really reliable. The only issue I run into regularly is that when I open a new browser window or tab, I will often get an immediate series of proxy authentication prompts. The address appears to be the actual VPN relay itself. As soon...
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    AGW 7.3 beta 1 - AG Assistant missing?

    I've recently upgraded to AGW 7.3 beta 1 on my Win 10 (1909) PC and have noticed that the AG Assistant is no longer loading over my browsers (Edge Dev 80.0.334.3, Chrome 78.0.3904.108, Edge 44.18362.449.0). Is this expected behaviour? I'm finding that when I add the AG Chrome extension, it...
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    Spotify playlists stop at Ads - would AG do this?

    I've noticed over the last week that while running Spotify (free sub), when I get to an Ad, my playback just stops. When I open Spotify, it is always sitting at an Ad. If I skip, it merrily continues on.. until the next Ad. I haven't dug into the AG logs yet to correlate, but I'm just wondering...
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    AdGuard Home detection/integration

    All of my family's Android phones and tablets run AdGuard for Android (AGforA) and at home I also run AdGuard Home (AGH). The problem I now have is that by using the DNS capability in AGforA to enforce use of secure DNS, when those same devices are connected to my home network, they do not use...
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    Edge with Chromium & AG filtering (Edge Insider)

    So Microsoft have now publicly released Dev (weekly) and Canary (Nightly) channels of Edge running on Chromium. I'm getting very mixed results with AG for Windows filtering. Even after explicitly adding Adge...
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    Show performance of each filter

    Right now in AG for Windows (6.4.1739.4753) this is the only statistical data we get to see: and while I can choose different filters to load, I really have no idea which ones are being effective and which are just slowing me down and adding little value (and I would remove if I knew this!)...
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    DNS - DNS pool, latency testing, auto-selection

    With 2.12 adding the new DNSCrypt V2, DoH, and extended list of DNS servers, I'd love to see the feature set continue to expand to include the ability to select multiple DNS servers (i.e. create a pool of servers) and have AG test for availability and latency and auto-select the best performing...
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    Need help adding custom DNS (Cloudflare

    Until the next version of Adguard for Android is released with Cloudflare included in the list of DNSCrypt DNS servers, I want to create a custom DNS entry. I tried creating a custom DNS entry witb: Server type: DNSCrypt Resolver address: Provider name: Cloudflare Provider key: <left...
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    Is Edge on iOS filtered by free Adguard?

    Is Edge browser on iOS filtered by the free version of Adguard? Or is Safari the only browser filtered by free Adguard due to the way content blockers are implemented in iOS? In which case I need to purchase Adguard Pro on iOS to filter Edge?
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    Will Cloudflare DNS be added soon?

    Will Cloudflare DNS be added to the default list of DNSCrypt DNS options in the mobile versions of AG?
  18. A inserts 'ad blocker' banner in news articles

    I've noticed that the website inserts a small banner 'ad' in its news articles requesting the user to 'remove the ad blocker' I didn't want to log this as a missed ad straight up but I did want to raise the question, should this be blocked?
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    IoT/Smart Home apps increasingly breaking due to AdGuard

    Over the last few months I've become increasingly aware of the number of Smart Home, IoT, etc. devices that experience issues due to Adguard. For example: iRobot Roomba: 1. Adding the robot vacuum to the app (after it already detected) kept failing until I stopped AG then it worked first time...
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    6.2.424.2123 beta & LinkedIn Win 10 app - new pop-up blocker blocking all external links

    Am using AG 6.2.424.2123 on Windows 10 16299.15 (aka Fall Creators Update). The new AG Popup Blocker (v2.1.7) blocking script is blocking every external link from articles in the LinkedIn Windows 10 app (basically wrapped website). I've tried clicking the "Allow all pop-ups on this website"...