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    Website: Missed Ad Screenshot: Adguard Premium for Windows Operating system: Windows 10 Browser: Yandex Browser Description: Sees in screenshot ads underneath video area. Ads are very smart in that when blocked they slide down out of the...
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    Available Filters In AdGuard Android App Are Lacking Compared To AdGuard PC Version

    I would like to have the same choice of filters on the Android Adguard app that I do on the PC version of Adguard. Why is there a difference? Why not give us the same extensive list of filters on Android as we have on the PC? AC
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    Send Anywhere app (Android)

    Send Anwhere app on Android with https filtering still loads a banner with what the Dev calls a "tips" banner at the top. To be specific without https filtering there is the full "tips" banner at the top. With https filtering send anywhere tries to load the banner, but it is blocked. However...