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    Adguard App + Eset cibersecurity

    Hello: I'm using Adguard App (not browser extension)+EsetCibersecurity Mac and Safari runs perfect without ads...but I don't know if the two Apps work similar and they can work together... Regards!!
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    AdGuard has detected that this website is trying to use your browser as a blockchain currency miner.

    I´m receiving this Popup when I try view this website: I click Allow...What´s happening? Regards! Adguard App in MacOS High sierra
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    AdGuard blocks iBooks Store

    Hello! When I,m running adguard 1.2 in my iMac OS X El Capitan,the App iBooks Store opens in a blank page. If I stop adguard,the iBooks Store loads normally.... What can I do? ---------- Post added at 10:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:06 PM ---------- Excuse me!! Now I know where...