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  1. Roccobot

    Skip bloatware/malware pages from malicious adv-based URL shorteners

    Basically, a feature I recently discovered in uBlock Origin which I use at work: really handy (also improves security a lot), so I'd like to have the same in Adguard. Don't know if it's just a filter thing or if it has to be implemented specifically as a feature. Anyway, I enabled all the uBlock...
  2. T

    Ads reappearing on

    Hi team/member, Recently I have started getting ads on searches. I haven't opt for "Allow search ads and the self-promotion of websites". Even then the google ads seem to circumvent adguard filters. I am attaching a screenshot for your reference. Kindly help.
  3. T

    How to get rid of facebook's "A video you may like"???.....

    Recently i have started getting a lot of "A video you may like" on my facebook newsfeed. And i am unable to get rid of them. Please help.