adguard assistant

  1. S

    With Adguard Desktop 2.4 Adguard Assistant icon not clickable

    I now have 2 extensions - the old Safari set of extensions (1.7.4) - and Adguard Assistant. Even though it's enabled in Safari's prefs the icon not clickable and shows it's paused. I don't know what that means and whether Assistant runs. Do I need the old Safari extension? Safari 13.1.1 on macOS...
  2. sandergol

    [Решено] AdGuard 2.4 for Mac не работает с новым AdGuard Browser Assistant в Yandex.Browser

    Версии: - macOS v10.15.5 (19F96) - AdGuard for Mac v2.4.8.795 release (CL-1.5.269) - Yandex.Browser v20.4.0.3443 (64-bit) на Chromium v81.0.4044.3443 - AdGuard Browser Assistant v1.0.8 Короткое видео проблемы -