adguard content blocker

  1. R

    Urgent UI improvement for AdGuard Content Blocker 2.3.7

    Hello dear AdGuard team, The main page of the AdGuard Content Blocker app still contains the old icon of the Samsung Internet Browser, see screen shot. The new Samsung browser has a new icon for almost a year now. High time to update the UI of AdGuard Content Blocker's main page, I think. Maybe...
  2. R

    Adguard Content Blocker 2.2.4

    Hello, Adguard Content Blocker 2.2.4 constantly crashes/closes on my Samsung Tablet S2 & and Samsung S6 Edge with constant messages from the android system. All precious versions up to 2.2.3 did not crash nor close and were working fine, no messages from android system. Can you debug this...
  3. I

    Блокировка Яндекс.Директ [AdGuard Content Blocker]

    Народ подскажите как блокировать яндекс.директ , какой для этого нужен фильтр , у меня стоит программа AdGuard Content Blocker для яндекс браузера, в ней я все фильтры включал на помогает
  4. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard Content Blocker v1.6.8

    v1.6.8 Hello! This version fixes some problems with filter updates. We remind you that the full changelog alongside with previous versions can be seen on GitHub. Content Blocker can be downloaded from Google Play.