adguard extension

  1. Y

    Adguard Home vs Adguard software or adguard extension getting white blank boxes

    Hi, I am using all same filters perhaps more on the Adguard home software but getting the white boxes where advertisement might be present, whereas adguard software removes it entirely. Is it as product issue or something wrong on my end? Thanks
  2. Z

    Get a Threat

    Hello community, What does mean that ads on Adguard Chrome extension? ads on Adguard ? sounds strange.
  3. Bushido

    [Resolved] Logging in to is broken with AdGuard for Opera

    When visiting with Adguard for Opera disabled, then all different log-in options (ID-kaart, Mobiil-ID, Paroolikaart, PIN-kalkulaator) are viewable: When visiting with Adguard for Opera enabled, then only log-in with passcard (paroolikaart) fields are viewable: This is...