adguard for android beta

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    AdGuard for Android - 3.4 beta 2 is available!

    In this run-of-the-mill beta we fix few bugs and update CoreLibs. It will transform into the next release version if all goes well. Changelog [Bug] The app crashes when switching from 4G to Wi-Fi in Local HTTP Proxy Mode #3431 [Bug] 'Back' button on the Settings screen works incorrectly #3427...
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    AdGuard for Android - 3.4 beta 1 is available!

    Please welcome the first beta version of AdGuard v3.4 for Android! To start things off, we've enhanced the app in a few directions, including fixing some of the oldest known bugs and improving Android TV compatibility. [Bug] AdGuard blocks Internet connection #2842 This bug had been puzzling...
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    AdGuard для Android - 3.4 beta 1 уже доступна!

    Приветствуйте первую бету AdGuard v3.4 для Android! Работу над новой версией мы начали с того, что усилили приложение сразу по нескольким направлениям, включая исправление некоторых давнишних багов и улучшение работы на смарт ТВ. [Баг] AdGuard блокирует интернет-соединения 2842 Мы ломали...