adguard for windows beta

  1. myMoon

    AdGuard for Windows - 7.5 beta 2 is available!

    It seems reasonable to test the waters before releasing a new version. Usually, we make two betas - the first one is more brash and bold, and the second one is more cautious and focused on bug fixes and improvements of the previous one. AdGuard for Windows 7.5 beta 2 features important...
  2. myMoon

    AdGuard for Windows - 7.4 beta 1

    Here comes the first beta for AdGuard for Windows v.7.4! The bottom line is we’re replacing our current Assistant with a separate browser extension called AdGuard Browser Assistant. The new Assistant has easy-to-use functionality, plus, we’ve added new UI features that make it more pleasant in...
  3. myMoon

    AdGuard for Windows - 7.3 beta 2

    The second beta of AdGuard 7.3 for Windows focuses on fixing UI-related bugs and other UI changes. [Changed] Flag icons removed from the languages selector #2905 [Changed] “Too many filters” warning now requires more enabled filters to trigger #3056 [Changed] Legacy and regular Microsoft Edge...
  4. A

    AGW 7.3 beta 1 - AG Assistant missing?

    I've recently upgraded to AGW 7.3 beta 1 on my Win 10 (1909) PC and have noticed that the AG Assistant is no longer loading over my browsers (Edge Dev 80.0.334.3, Chrome 78.0.3904.108, Edge 44.18362.449.0). Is this expected behaviour? I'm finding that when I add the AG Chrome extension, it...
  5. myMoon

    AdGuard для Windows - 7.3 beta 1

    Как обычно бывает, бета каждой новой версии AdGuard для Windows, как правило, является самой крупной и несёт с собой наибольшее количество важных нововведений. На этот раз вас ждёт длинный список всевозможных исправлений и улучшений интерфейса. Но для начала — про наиболее важное: обновление...
  6. myMoon

    AdGuard for Windows - 7.2.2903.6 Beta

    Time to move our Windows app forward! In the first v7.2 beta we introduce such absolute bangers as new installer design, installer crash reporting tool and new “Filter localhost” setting. Joking aside, while those might be not the most exciting changes, they are certainly useful and overall nice...