adguard for windows release

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    AdGuard для Windows - 7.4

    У новой версии AdGuard для Windows совершенно явно есть своя "звезда" среди прочих изменений: это Браузерный Помощник AdGuard. Это браузерное расширение, которое помогает фильтровать трафик прямо с веб-страницы и заменяет собой старый Помощник. Мы также исправили кучу багов и в целом улучшили и...
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    AdGuard for Windows - 7.4

    There's a clear headliner for the new AdGuard for Windows update: AdGuard Browser Assistant. It's a browser extension to help manage filtering right from the web page that replaces the old Assistant. We also fixed a bunch of bugs and overall enhanced the app to work faster and better. Browser...
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    AdGuard for Windows - 7.2 Hotfix

    Rarely there's a critical level bug that shows itself over 2 months since the last release, but here we are. We can't really call this update a hotfix, but it's certainly urgent. This patch fixes a bug that in some circumstances could break cosmetic filtering on all webpages. This version on a...