adguard for windows

  1. styler002

    AdGuard disabled

    When I turned on my desktop computer, AdGuard was disabled. I just renewed my subscription, AdGuard hads been updated, filters have been updated so all that type of stuff is not the issue. I have not changed anything in settings. After I open the desktop icon, it shows its disabled, under that...
  2. U

    AdGuard for Windows and AdGuard VPN app

    Hi! Trying to figure out if the combo of Adguard VPN app and Adguard for Windows routes all the traffic through VPN (all apps, Windows calling home, etc) or this applies only to the traffic from installed browsers? How can one set which apps are routed through VPNs? How are DNS requests...
  3. _Marek_

    [Resolved] adblock detected

    Hello I wanted to report that aternos anti adblock detects adguard etc Link: AdGuard for Windows 7.6 nightly 24 DNS: AdGuard DNS (DNS over QUIC) DNS filters: 0 Chrome ver 89.0.4389.90 (64-bit) A list of enabled filters in AdGuard app: Ad Blocking: AdGuard Base filter...
  4. K

    [Решено] AdGuard тормозит и грузит процессор

    Adguard начал ужасно грузить процессор и тормозить загрузку страниц в любом броузере. Весь исплевался уже - как на диалапе с adguard теперь. Отключение всех фильтров не помогает - только полное выключение фильтрации. Отправлял письмо в ТП 2134446, но тишина.
  5. Woitler

    Реклама в лаунчере "Игровой центр" (Игры

    Лаунчер под Windows для запуска игр от "Игровой центр", версия 4.1574 (53863), релиз. До недавнего времени, в лаунчере был только один вид рекламы - всплывающие окна, их можно отключить в настройках. Теперь, появилась новая реклама, привычные, раздражающие рекламные баннеры, их уже...
  6. O

    [Resvoled]How to block ads in program/software with AdGuard for Windows?

    On AdGuard for Mac there was an option to add an program to AdGuard and then AdGuard would remove the ads in that program. I can't seem to find this functionality in AdGuard for Windows, is it also available for AdGuard for Windows? I'm trying to add Spotify to Adguard, so that AdGuard can...
  7. M

    AdGuard for Windows - 7.2.2936

    Some users reported critical compatibility issues in AdGuard 7.2, mainly with Emsisoft software. This is a hotfix that will solve these problems, and we also seized the opportunity to update CoreLibs and make some other changes. You can help us make sure such incidents won't happen again by...
  8. M

    AdGuard для Windows - 7.2.2936

    Некоторые пользователи писали нам о критических проблемах совместимости в версии AdGuard 7.2, в первую очередь с программным обеспечением от Emsisoft. В этом обновлении мы вносим срочные коррективы, чтобы решить данные проблемы. Мы также воспользовались случаем, чтобы обновить CoreLibs и сделать...
  9. M

    Adguard для Windows - 7.2.2920

    Настало время поприветствовать обновление AdGuard для Windows — версию 7.2! В течение нескольких месяцев мы работали полным ходом над всем — дизайном, производительностью, проблемами совместимости с другими программами, общим улучшением фильтрации и многим другим. А теперь пришло время подробно...
  10. C

    Update failure on Windows 10

    Hey, I'm seeing update failures across both of my windows devices (win10, latest stable adguard build). I've tried a couple different network connections, and reinstalled the product on one of the machines with no change. In both cases, the product log shows that it's receiving a 503 error...
  11. C

    AdGuard for Windows Questions

    Hi, I have been using the free Firefox and Chrome AdGuard extensions and they are great. However, I have a few quick questions about "AdGuard for Windows", the paid version of AdGuard (with 14-day free trial): 1) Is there any advantage to using the free Firefox/Chrome browser extensions with...
  12. Bushido

    Panel of Lastpass vault

    How to remove panel from the Lastpass extension. This appears in the "My LastPass Vault" section; in the right side of vault. Right now, I am referring to the vault which is accessible via Lastpass extension. Can it be disabled in both, in extension and web-based versions?
  13. Bushido - ads appear[Windows]

    A screenshot of an unblocked ad: Direct link to the website: Software: Adguard for Windows Browser: Opera Developer 50.0.2743.0 These appear in the news feed of VK.
  14. Bushido

    [Solved] WOT extension automatic appearance

    Hello, I suddenly noticed that when I was redirected to a suspicious link, I received a warning message from WOT extension. After browsing to a other site, then I noticed that Assistant had a site reputation indicator of WOT. I have never enabled this extension. I remember exactly that during...
  15. Bushido

    [Solved] Adguard RAM usage

    Hello, after booting the laptop, I noticed that the service of Adguard for Windows (AdguardSvc.exe) uses about 60 MB RAM. During the time when I noticed it, I had no web-browser running. When I had noticed 60 MB RAM, then I opened web-browser and the RAM usage dropped to about 12-13 MB RAM. So...
  16. Bushido

    [solved] Cannot download userscipt from OpenUserjs

    Hi, after entering to Adguard for Windows -> Settings -> Extensions -> Add extension -> field of "Enter URL or path", then this appears: The Tampermonkey extension for Google Chrome can detect the userscipt and installs it as normal...
  17. Bushido

    [Resolved] [Windows] Selecting a point of departure is broken

    Adguard and Adguard Assistant disabled: Adguard and Adguard Assistant enabled: Direct link to the website:üri&to=Tallinn&date=17.07.2017 Using products: Adguard for Windows latest beta, Assistant
  18. Bushido

    [Resolved] [Windows] YouTube video keeps buffering

    Adguard and Adguard Assistant disabled: Adguard and Adguard Assistant enabled: Direct link to the website: List of filters enabled on your device: Using products: Adguard for Windows latest beta, Assistant
  19. Bushido

    [Windows 10 64-bit] Redirecting doesn't function

    When I tried to connect my account with social network (Google), then Google's redirecting page stopped. It did not reload or redirected and so the connecting did not worked. After disabling Adguard service, the redirecting worked.
  20. Bushido

    [Resolved] [Windows] Comment section is missing

    Adguard and Adblock disabled: Adguard and Adblock enabled: Direct link to the website: List of filters enabled on your device: Using products: Adguard for Windows latest beta, Assistant