adguard for windows

  1. Bushido

    [Resolved] [Windows] Comment section is missing

    Adguard and Adblock disabled: Adguard and Adblock enabled: Direct link to the website: List of filters enabled on your device: Using products: Adguard for Windows latest beta, Assistant
  2. Bushido

    [Resolved] [Windows] Blue Livechatinc bar missing when Adblocker on

    With Adguard filtering (Adblocker enabled): Without Adguard filtering (Adblocker disabled): Direct link to the website: List of filters enabled on your device: Using products: Adguard for Windows latest beta, Assistant
  3. Bushido

    Apply the rule to all websites not working?

    Hi, after I have enabled ,,Apply the rule to all websites" in Adguard Assistant and clicked ,,Block", then ad reappears after refresh of a web-page. After I just click ,,Block", then ad disappears completely. Is this normal or am I not understanding the,,Apply the rule to all websites" function?
  4. Bushido

    [-] [Windows] comment section gone

    This problem is occurring only when Estonian list is enabled in Filter Editor. I found out that after disabling all rules related to in Estonian list and keeping Estonian list active, the problem persists. When Estonian list is disabled: When Estonian list is enabled: Direct link...
  5. Bushido

    [Resolved] [Windows] playing function disabled

    With Adguard, when play button is clicked and Ad Blocker function is enabled: Without Adguard, when play button is clicked and Ad Blocker function is disabled: Direct link: List of filters enabled on my device: I am using Adguard for Windows with browser...
  6. Bushido

    [-] [Windows] drop-down selection broken

    With Adguard: Without Adguard: Direct link: List of filters: I am using Adguard for Windows
  7. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Windows] v6.2.432 RC

    v6.2.433 RC We know we promised the previous RC would have been the last one, but the latest Chrome update served as a cause for another bug that we felt needs to be fixed. The changes are minor. Anyway, this version is already available for download on the website, and will be pushed to...
  8. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Windows v6.1.331

    This update might not be the biggest one, in a sense it doesn't feature any revolutionary additions or the immense number of changes. But it's surely a unique one, and it's because it is by far the most influenced by the user feedback. We sincerely thank everyone who has helped us! It is super...
  9. Bushido

    [Resolved] - blank boxes[Windows]

    Blank grey boxes show up when I visit and after clicking block at Assistant, they won't disappear. My filters list: I use Adguard for Windows with Google Chrome.
  10. Bushido


    I have a problem with blocking a top ad (Estpress) at It just does not disappear. I use Adguard for Windows Stealth mode.
  11. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Windows v6.1.314

    It was quite a while since the last Adguard for Windows release. And there are other reasons for that apart from the Christmas/New Year holidays: we'd been extensively testing the new network driver before, finally, we felt ready to include it in the new release version. But what is there for me...
  12. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Windows] v6.1.326.1705 RC

    v6.1.326.1705 RC The TDI driver issue was fixed and the HTTPS exclusions list underwent a major update. As usual, you can find all beta versions on GitHub. Beta v6.1.312.1629 This update is actually a release candidate. After so many betas, we have finally finished tweaking the network...
  13. Bushido

    Opera Neon automatic support

    Opera has release a new web-browser Opera Neon. After installing it, Adguard for Windows does not automatically recognize it via Filtered Apps nor via Add application. I clicked ,,Browse for executable..." and hinted .exe location (X:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera...
  14. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Windows v6.1.298 R2

    This version should be considered as a revision of the Adguard for Windows 6.1 release. This is why you will not spot many 'major' changes - mostly bugfixes, small changes, improvements etc. More drastic changes will come eventually with 6.2 version. NOTE: currently new version is only...
  15. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Windows] v6.1.296 R4 release candidate

    Update: release candidate 6.1.296 R4 We thought we had fixed userscript handling in previous RC, but, as it turned out, the fix was not complete. New release candidate, hopefully, finishes the job. You can find the full description on GitHub...
  16. Bushido

    [Resolved] - can't view videos while filtering is enable

    When Adguard for Windows is running and protection is enabled, then I can't view any video at -> When Adguard for Windows is running and protection is disabled, then I can view all video content from -> is a safe site...
  17. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Windows v6.1.258

    Briefly about new Adguard for Windows version: Stealth Mode got new useful options, userscripts work better now, ad blocking became more advanced and our network drivers - more stable. All the details are below.
  18. avatar

    AdGuard 5.10 release

    Dear friends! It's time for release of a new Adguard version. Version 5.10 is the latest of the 5-series, the next is going to be Adguard 6.0. However, it brings a lot of changes, improvements and bug fixes. A complete list of changes can be found in our blog. Many thanks to all who...