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  1. S

    AdGuard Docker - Unknown IP adress

    Hi all, Yesterday I managed to get AdGuard running via Docker. It worked like a charm. When I the next morning checked upon the stats I found an IP which is unknown to me. It only made requests for like an hour or so. Not sure how to put this, but it seems the IP of the device is on a similar...
  2. M

    Adguard Home + Docker + Nginx. DoH не работает

    Не нашел темы для adguard home, т.к подключаюсь с винды напишу сюда. Проблема следующая: - если запустить AGH в докере, пробросив порт 443 на хост(ubuntu) то настроенный DoH в винде работает и веб морда AGH работает ad: image: adguard/adguardhome volumes: -...
  3. X

    DoH working with dig but not with curl

    Hey, I set up DoH in Adguard Home with a valid certificat. If I query the DNS server with dig @<local ip> +https it is working perfectly. The logs confirm the request and that it is indeed DoH. If i query the DNS server with curl -k -v -H 'accept: application/dns-message'...
  4. C

    I am having trouble with my install of AdGuard Home on a AWS Debian VPS

    I have created a VPS through AWS and SSHed into it, I did a apt update and then pasted this command: curl -s -S -L | sh -s -- -v It all installed and gave me a few links to follow to complete setup, when I...
  5. S

    [ SOLVED] AdGuard Home Issue

    Hey guys, Sorry if this post doesn't belong here; I couldn't find an AdGuard Home-specific forum. Basically, I tried to reset my password using advice from the official GitHub page here and unfortunately despite following the directions neither my old password nor the intended new one work when...
  6. S

    Can query using DoH but DoT and DoQ time out + DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE

    Tried to connect to query server via DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-QUIC using Adguard VPN on Windows and iOS. My VPS has a domain name is has a SSL cert from Let's Encrypt.
  7. M

    AdGuard Raspberry Docker - Allow local Docker

    Hello, I need some support. I have a Raspberry Pi installed. On it, in a DockerHub, I run the installation of AdGuard Home ( Besides that I run other Dockers with other programs that access the internet. Now I have the problem that after a few...
  8. N

    AdGuard Home loses encryption certificates on VPS reboot

    Hi! First, I love this product... AdGuard Home is almost perfect, and I have used it on a VPS to replace a Pi-Hole I had internal to my network. One issue I am having is this: Whenever I reboot my VPS, I have to set up the Encryption certs all over again. This occurs whether I paste the...
  9. B

    OnDemand with .mobileconfig on AdGuard Home

    Hello, I've setup a Raspberry Pi with AdGuard Home. I've installed a certificate for encryption and I've generated and iOS profile.mobileconfig for my iPhone so I use DNS over HTTPS when I'm away from my network. Everything is working perfectly fine as is but for performance reason I would love...
  10. N

    AdGuard Home - Loses Encryption Certificates on Reboot

    Hi! First, I love this product... AdGuard Home is almost perfect, and I have used it on a VPS to replace a Pi-Hole I had internal to my network. One issue I am having is this: Whenever I reboot my VPS, I have to set up the Encryption certs all over again. This occurs whether I paste the...
  11. Fraenkiman [GER]

    Filter lists from the knowledge base also for AdHuard Home

    Hello, everyone, I run AdGuard Home on a Raspberry Pi 4. So far it works very well. Additional filter lists are included in the Knowledgebase. For example: basic filter, tracking protection filter, URL tracking filter, social media filter, harassment filter, German filter e.t.c Can these...
  12. J

    AdGuard Home Issue

    Hello everyone, I installed Adguard Home Successfully on my VPS Ubuntu 20.04. I had to reassign the IP since it was "already used". I had straightforward instructions provided by Adguard. Adguard Home is UP and running now. Blocking services works and also prevents access to dangerous websites...
  13. Y

    Adguard Home vs Adguard software or adguard extension getting white blank boxes

    Hi, I am using all same filters perhaps more on the Adguard home software but getting the white boxes where advertisement might be present, whereas adguard software removes it entirely. Is it as product issue or something wrong on my end? Thanks
  14. G

    Outdated filters

    The following included filters are quite outdated: Fanboy's Anti-Facebook List (19 mo) NoCoin Filter List (1.5 mo) BarbBlock (19 mo) This will lead to broken rules. Alternatives should be found.
  15. N

    AdGuard Home в Docker + DoT

    Всем доброго дня! Задача: Обрабатывать DNS запросы с устройств локальной сети с фильтрацией рекламы и трекеров Обрабатывать DNS запросы с Android-смартфонов в глобальной сети с той же целью Что сейчас: Конфиг машины: Есть домен, белый IP, роутер и линукс-сервер под роутером с ограниченным...
  16. E

    AGH filter/block list auto update

    Hi, Not sure which (sub)forum to post in, so forgive me if it's not the correct one. Anyway, how can one automate the update of filter/block list within adguard home? One pointed me one to the API method for checking lists updates which needed to be called with curl. This without further...
  17. C

    AdGuard Home Issue - Unable to access DoT / DoH

    Hi, I hope you all are staying safe and doing well amid the current pandemic circumstances, just came across the following issue: I've setup AdGuard Home on Ubuntu 18.04 over Linode, the setup involves configuration of a sub-domain for the purposes of serving as a hostname and relevant...
  18. H

    Adguard VPN integrated with Adguard Home

    Hi! I couldn`t find here in the forum a session for Adguard VPN/Adguard Home, so I will write it here. If there is a better place please move it there. I just set up a Rasbperry Pi as an Adguard Home server, then I pointed my DNS to the Adguard Home IP address. Everything is working fine...
  19. S

    Adguard home encrypted upstreams not working / how to interpret log?

    (I couldn't find an adguard home section of the forum so I'm posting here :) ) In adguard home (docker) I have 3 upstream DNS servers specified: tls:// quic:// Yet in my query log I have a mix...
  20. enr00ted

    Adguard Home, filter lists advice!

    Hi there everyone, I recentrly decided to test Adguard Home via Docker in my Synology NAS. Very easy to setup. I have DoH and DoT configured and working great. So congrats to the team for this piece of software. Now, I don't have full understanding of all this blocking thing, but I do...