adguard home

  1. enr00ted

    Adguard Home, filter lists advice!

    Hi there everyone, I recentrly decided to test Adguard Home via Docker in my Synology NAS. Very easy to setup. I have DoH and DoT configured and working great. So congrats to the team for this piece of software. Now, I don't have full understanding of all this blocking thing, but I do...
  2. TitaniumMoon

    How can I block Disqus (comments) from loading with Adguard Home?

    I tried ||^ but unfortunately it isn't working.
  3. А

    AdGuard Home и DoH/DoT

    Здравствуйте! Помогите, пожалуйста, разобраться в следующем вопросе: Установил adguard home на роутер, указал в качестве upstream dns - doh и dot от adguard, все работает. Теперь возник вопрос по настройке шифрования. Ssl сертификат есть, настраивал, все вроде как работает, на https страницу...
  4. A

    AdGuard Home detection/integration

    All of my family's Android phones and tablets run AdGuard for Android (AGforA) and at home I also run AdGuard Home (AGH). The problem I now have is that by using the DNS capability in AGforA to enforce use of secure DNS, when those same devices are connected to my home network, they do not use...