adguard nightly

  1. d0x

    700Mbps loss in speed with Adguard enabled

    Gonna post 2 images of speed tests. One with Adguard disabled and one with it enabled. Results are consistent across 30 runs.. First I was running the latest nightly, then downgraded to latest beta. Everything was fine until the latest nightly. Tested in chrome & edge on Android 11...
  2. 4

    [Bug?] Removing DNS filter from filter log

    Hi, Tried earlier to remove a DNS filter from the filter log, (tap on the entry in question in the log, tap unblock/remove), and it didn't work. Performing the action direct in the DNS filter section directly worked. Android 10 Adguard latest nightly
  3. J nightly can't load systemextension

    Hi, latest nightly is unable to activate it's system extension on my system (latest Big Sur b10). No dialog is shown, nothing to allow in Security & Privacy. Multiple reboots do nothing. Tried resetting settings, uninstalled, deleted plists. Log file: 2020/10/23 09:16:00:004 Debug trace -...
  4. R

    AdGuard Nightly Big Sur Setup

    Hello, how can I get AdGuard Nightly working with my SetApp subscription to get AdGuard working on Big Sur? Regards Robert