adguard pro for ios

  1. Kingofmasters-96

    [RESOLVED] Problem with filters blocking widget functions for video players

    Adguard pro for IOS Version 4.0.1 DNS filters: StevenBlack/Host, OISD Blocklists by SJ, 9anime_filter_list/Sorrow-san. So the issue I’m having is I need a DNS syntax code that will bypass whatever is affecting the embedded video player on a specific website domain that won’t undo the ad block...
  2. Quoi

    AdGuard Pro (just updated after a year) vs New AdGuard 3.0

    Long story short, what’s the difference if any between these two releases? As far as I am aware the new Adguard is (will be after the transition period) subscription based. The former Adguard Pro was a one off purchase. I wouldn’t ordinarily raise this matter however my interest was piqued...
  3. S

    [Resolved]Is Adguard with premium same as Adguard Pro?

    Hi. I’m going to buy the full Adguard. Can I use one of the licenses with the iOS app? If so, do I want to get Adguard Pro or the regular version? Currently using the free iOS version. Thanks.
  4. D

    [Решено] Настройка Adguard Pro

    Здравствуйте! Подскажите по настройке Adguard Pro на IOS 10.3.3 (IPhone 6+) В Safari adguard включен. Включены фильтры (английский, русский, счетчики, раздражители, виджеты соц.сетей, мобильная реклама, для Safari, Anti-Adblock Killer| Reek, Fanboy Anti-Facebook List). В настройках DNS для...
  5. D

    Adguard Pro DNS blacklist rules

    What are the rules for DNS's blacklist? Can I just simply copy Simplified domain names filter or other filters to blacklist?