1. G

    Is there a AdGuard Windows 64-Bit Version or only 32-Bit ???

    HI Guys, i see i have the Adguard Windows 32-Bit Version but is there a 64-Bit Version also ?
  2. S

    AdGuard Docker - Unknown IP adress

    Hi all, Yesterday I managed to get AdGuard running via Docker. It worked like a charm. When I the next morning checked upon the stats I found an IP which is unknown to me. It only made requests for like an hour or so. Not sure how to put this, but it seems the IP of the device is on a similar...
  3. J

    Windows VM

    I have AdGuard Home set up on a VM so the IP address is not on my local network. How can I point my devices to my AdBlock DNS server if the IP address is not local and I don't know the public IP address? Do I point it to the IP of the server the VM is running on? It is running on Hyper-v and...
  4. A

    Issue with ads blocking on few sites [nsfw]

    Hello! I am using adguard premium (lifetime subscription for 5 devices). I have problem, what with enabled adguard (basic + easylist) I still have popups with redirections on 2 adult video websites: and When you open any video you will able to...
  5. L

    AdGuard home on spare laptop

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to set Adguard home on my old windows 10 laptop, so far I tried to run various commands to do the install from the AdGuard home github but no luck. I wish to do so to cover all the devices in my home as currently I am using the laptop with the Plex software so I...
  6. Wusa

    Ошибка Kernel Power 41 (63) после установки и запуска Adguard на Windows 11!

    Доброго времени суток! После обновления лицензионной Windows 11 до 22H2 и повторной установки AdGuard система стала вылетать сразу после логина ли ручного запуска AdGuard, скачанного с официального сайта. Ошибка появляется постоянно, при каждой загрузке, до полного удаления Adguard for windows...
  7. L

    How replace Router's DNS with AdGuard Home's Address?

    Hi Community, I'm a newbie. I installed AdGuard home on a Raspberry Pi. I followed the instructions and created UI and it's asking me to add/replace my modem/router DNS/DHCP with adguard's address. I have a Netgear c6300 modem/router. My modem is not accepting the address as a DNS server...
  8. S

    AdGuard VPN

    У меня было установлено ваше vpn бесплатно, я решила воспользоваться годовым предложением со скидкой и приобрести через сообщение на почте подписку на год. После этого приложение при входе стало выдавать « нет связи» нинзя летает в темном космосе с закрытыми глазами. Я его удалила...
  9. M

    Adguard dns 2.0

    When will this getting unlimited queries instead 10million?
  10. No Ads

    TextNow and 2ndLine Problem With AdGuard

    Hi, Recently TextNow incoming calls cannot be answered when AdGuard is on. When you try to answer the call, you receive no voice and miss the call after a minute. It is like the answering system cannot be connected. A similar problem occurs when try to call. It takes a very long time (sometimes...
  11. S

    In Adguard VPN mode, can the application only pass through Adguard without the Clash proxy?

    As the title says, some software does not need to go through the Clash proxy, but needs Adguard to go to advertising, how should I deal with it
  12. Frank M.

    Compatibility of Adguard with Nord or Surfshark VPN

    Hi, I am using Adguard release (CL-1.8.276, DNS-1.6.72) on macOS 12.1. Monterey. Are there any known issues when using Adguard alongside either Nord VPN or Surfshark VPN? Do I need to apply specific settings when using AG with either said VPN? I am yet undecided for which VPN...
  13. M

    Почему подняли цены в 4 раза и выдаёте это за скидку на Черную пятницу?!

    Здравствуйте! Хочу узнать почему так сильно подняли цены на приложение AdGuard во время Черной пятницы? То есть персональная лицензия на 3 устройства несколько дней назад с учетом скидки на Черную пятницу стоила в районе 10$, а теперь же стоит цена с учетом скидки 40$! Причем до этого было...
  14. D

    Журнал в Adguard Home

    Здравствуйте. Возможно ли как-то в Adguard Home сделать так, чтобы в Журнале все "сайты для взрослых" позначались каким-то отдельным тегом, чтобы в случае необходимости можно было быстро найти кто и куда ходил? То есть, не нужно блокировать такие запросы, а просто позначать их как-то.
  15. S

    Adguard with mail client (i.e. Outlook)

    I've installed the Outlook app on my phone and had trouble setting up my mail (IMAP). After some random turning off and on actions I was able to setup the client. But then I noticed I wasn't able to send of receive mails. I've alsof tried a different mail client and was unable to setup my mail...
  16. M

    [Resolved]AdGuard not blocking ads when Freedom app is in use

    My AdGuard is not working when Freedom (productivity app) is in use. Anyone idea's why?
  17. A

    AdGuard is slowing down Facebook loading speed significantly

    Hello, I recently started using AdGuard for Windows. I have noticed, AG completely slows down the website load speed. This is mostly noticable on the facebook website. Is there any fix / recommendation for this? I have attaced loading time I collected using the dev tool from the firefox browser.
  18. Q

    Is there a way to include WOT security in Android app (like it's possible in the Windows app)?

    Hey folks, Is there a way to include WOT security in Android app )like it's possible in Windows)? Thanks
  19. C

    AdGuard DoH Datacamp fraud?

    DNS fraud? I use Opera DNS over HTTPS and AdGuard : Tested: Result: Your DNS Server Owner of this server Datacamp Limited "Datacamp Limited - Fraud Risk. We consider Datacamp Limited...
  20. d0x

    Google FLoC Does Adguard have a way to block googles new tracking system built into chrome?