1. H

    [Resolved]AdGuard is not installed or configured incorrectly

    So I installed AdGuard and got a Lifetime Standard AdGuard license which is currently Active, and I also allowed it onto my System Preferences, and it told me to install the extension for Google Chrome, I installed it and when I was finished setting up AdGuard, I tested it by going to a random...
  2. G

    Wanting Adblock with working rewards program in StepSetGo App

    StepSetGo (SSG) Step Earn Redeem App :Play Store Link Previously Adguard Adblock was working fine with HTTPS filter feature for blocking ads , to earn coins by watching ads in StepSetGo Rewards Program. But now After a new StepSetGo App Update, Adguard blocks ads in StepSetGo app but not...
  3. G

    Adguard + Brave, what parameters to adjust/deactivate?

    Hi, I changed back and forth between Chrome, Brave and Vivaldi. I finally decided to use Brave. But what makes it a bit awkward now is that, in the meantime, i bought a lifetime licence Adguard for windows. Because, if i understood it well (correct me if i'm wrong, i'm no expert), the...
  4. G

    Adguard + Brave, what parameters to adjust/deactivate?

    Since @Chinaski answered me. I repost the whole post here. I deleted it thinking i was in the wrong section. Hi, I changed back and forth between Chrome, Brave and Vivaldi. I finally decided to use Brave. But what makes it a bit awkward now is that, in the meantime, i bought a lifetime licence...
  5. Dustyn

    Microsoft Edge Chromium: New Tab layout can't be customized? Being blocked?

    Hello, I wanted to ask a question for the AdGuard team who maintain the default set of AdGuard blocking lists for AdGuard Desktop 7.3. I've noticed lately when using Microsoft Edge Chromium that it will no longer load my "New Tab" page layout anymore. It had been working perfectly up until 3...
  6. DARKKi

    AdGuard Assistant (Chrome) does not detect Adguard

    When i press the Assistant it says "AdGuard is not installed or configured incorrectly". I have tried to reinstall both AdGuard and Assistant but the problem persists.
  7. FLYeRNeT

    Problem with AdGuard on my office wifi Network only

    Hello, When I use AdGuard on my personnal wifi network (Freebox) and on another WIFI (Livebox) the application blocks the advertising as expected, but when I'm at my office on a Hotspot Wifi network, with the same AdGuard configuration as my personal network, AdGuard blocks almost everything...
  8. noisygirlkk

    AdGuard + 3rd party VPN on MacOS

    I wonder if anyone has experience running Adguard on MacOS in conjunction with a third-party VPN service such as HotspotShield or VPN Unlimited? I am interested in the ad-blocking and anti-spyware capabilities of Adguard but am concerned that it may complicate my set-up too much to try to get it...
  9. angus Не работает.

    Не блокирует, вообще не работает, не отражается иконка adgard, во вкладке где открыт yandex. Написал в поддержку, ответ как всегда, скриншоты отправьте и т.п. Как такое возможно, что бы вообще иконка помощника не отображалась? Все стоит последнее.
  10. G

    [Resolved] Any reviews?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about joining AdGuard Affiliate program but I cant find any reviews on the internet. Anyone working with AdGuard affiliate program? Is it reliable? Do they pay on time? Any problems? Any reviews would be appreciated! Best, Greg
  11. H

    [Решено] Adguard блокирует Sentry (http://localhost:8080)

    Здравствуйте, я веб разработчик и в моём проекте используется Sentry, который автоматически блокируется AdGuard. Блокируется, при отправке запросов. Sentry используется для отправки диагностических данных, при возникновении JS ошибок, в процессе работы сайта. Вот так выглядит POST запрос...
  12. FighterForLove

    [Решено]Adguard блокирует .dat файлы

    Здравствуйте, столкнулся недавно с такой проблемой. Видимо после какого-то очередного обновления программы она стала блокировать скачивание .dat файлов через апдейтер для игры. После отключения adguard файлы скачиваются без проблем. Когда ждать фикс?
  13. Д

    Проблемка с AdGuard Extra

    При включении опции, блокируются кнопки и форум сайта При выключенной опции: При включенной опции:
  14. C

    Is it redundant to use add-ons on Firefox Android while using Adguard?

    I was wondering if using add-ons uBO, Decentraleyes and similar are redundant if I already have Adguard activated. What dou you think?
  15. Devaraj G

    AdGuard browser extension not supported in Firefox

    Since the recent update of Firefox, AdGuard browser extension has been disabled due the current standards of Firefox. AdGuard is one of my most favourite and must need thing in my online life. I can't imagine a day in online without AdGuard. So, please update the extension as per current...
  16. naposidi

    DoH и DNSCrypt-Proxy

    Не знаю где лучше спросить. Подскажите мне, какие строки удалить(отключить?) и что прописать в dnscrypt-proxy.toml, чтобы dnscrypt-proxy использовал только DoH метод и сервера вот эти: DNS-over-HTTPS: для режима “По умолчанию”...
  17. TechDoctorUK

    HOWTO use Adguard with a VPN at the same time (Firestick / Android)

    hey guys, I created this step by step guide on how you active Adguard but at the same time connect to a VPN to mask your IP address. Essentially we are going to use Adguard to make a SOCKS5 proxy connection to our VPN provider. In my demo, I used IPVanish. You can see the guide here Many...
  18. G + EasyList Czech and Slovak

    Здравствуйте! Установлено браузерное расширение AdGuard 2.10.11. (Opera 45.0.2552.898, Windows 7 SP1 64-bit). В настройках опция "Автоматически подключать наиболее подходящие фильтры" включена. Каждый раз когда открывается в браузере ссылка на яндекс-диск, например...
  19. TitaniumMoon

    AdGuard On fireTV blocks Alexa from streaming Wyze Camera

    I found the problem, but thought I would share this with the AdGuard devs. When AdGuard filters “AndroidOS” on Fire TV, Alexa doesn’t stream Wyze Camera data and says something went wrong. However, when you disable filtering for “AndroidOS” Alexa is able to stream the camera. ——— Latest...
  20. ammnt

    Версия TLS для AdGuard DNS

    Добрый вечер. Как насчет того, чтобы поднять версию TLS в DoT до 1.3? А то сейчас 1.2 и в любом случае мы к этому придем... Спасибо.