1. pdl1985

    is adguard a secure app ?

    is adguard a secure app ? i test adblock plus but leave it cos they are selling data. are you happy with adguard? tell me more about this extension i want be sure that is reliable. thanks.
  2. S

    Blocking encrypted YouTube ads is possible | @devs & users

    Hello everyone, This thread is mainly for those of you, how have a non-rooted android device and want to get rid of the YouTube Ads and of course for the developers of AdGuard. To the users: According to this (sticky) post, it is no longer possible to block ads in the YouTube app. That's true...
  3. Micha

    AdGuard DNSы против майнеров

    Подскажите пожалуйста Если я пропишу в НСы то получу защиту от разных майнеров которые так и норовят завесить винду
  4. M

    Service host Superfetch - high disk usage in Windows 10 when Adguard enabled?

    I don't know the perfect reason, is it possible....
  5. A

    Can I use the DNS filtering option with Local HTTP proxy?

    My phone is rooted and I've been told the local http proxy method is the way to go. I was told on a reddit forum that Adguard supports DNS filtering in local http proxy mode. Is this true?
  6. L

    No HTTP/2 support?

    Hello, I just discovered, that when I use Adguard for Mac, browsers use HTTP instead of HTTP/2 protocol - I can see this in chrome console on network tab. Question is, why? It slows down page loading because of many, many advantages with HTTP/2.
  7. R

    [bug] Открытие новых в окон в

    Adguard блокирует открытие всплывающих окон в чатах сервиса Многие пользователи столкнулись с такой проблемой, что, например, окна при наведении на ник и клике по кнопке "Анкета", "Фотографии", "Подарить", "Игнор" не открываются. Прошу исправить. AdGuard for Windows, Opera 51 My...
  8. A

    Slow internet speed when adguard enabled

    I got around 15 Mbps download speed when adguard is enabled but when I disabled adguard I got 100 Mbps download speed. Does adguard slow internet down?
  9. C

    Adguard Pro IOS / DNS issue and conflicting privacy policies

    I have a few questions about Adguard pro specifically the DNS function. (the screenshots to the problem can be found here and they are in the order that I am mentioning them) After installing Adguard pro (which is supposed to block ads trackers and phishing with its...
  10. AtenZo

    [Android] Приложение Badoo

    Доброго времени суток. При включенной фильтрации приложения Badoo (ссылка в google play) оно перестает адекватно работать. Пишет о потере интернет соединения, в 70% попыток прогрузить страницу сбрасывает соединение с интернетом и пишет что приложение используется в режиме офлайн. Если...
  11. N

    Adguard блокирует расширение F-Secure KEY.

    Здравствуйте! Adguard блокирует расширение F-Secure KEY Как настроить Adguard? Браузер Google Chrome.
  12. Bushido

    Blocking servers

    Hello, does Adguard support blocking servers from a specific domain or by country? I have read that Android connects to servers located in, for example, South-America although the user has never used any services related with any country of South-America. Service called offers...
  13. E

    Adguard and ToR Browser

    I just installed ToR Browser, and for some reason, Adguard will not filter traffic in ToR browser, so, I went to the filtered app's settings and manually add it, I did it by both options that were given, yet for some reason it still is not working, and I don't think...
  14. E

    Adguard в Opera...

    Здравствуйте...)) а как сделать в Опера значок внизу страницы для возможности блокировки рекламы в ручном режиме как в Хроме, например...?
  15. spamywka

    скрипт Blockadblock он же Adblock killer..

    Здравствуйте! долго пользуется "Adguard " и забыл как вообще реклама выглядит на сайтах). Спасибо! Но, наткнулся на злейшего врага - скрипт blockadblock или Anti AdBlock, с сайта который заставляет пользователя отключить расширение на сайте. Например...
  16. J

    AdGuard Mac Question

    I have the ad guard app for Mac OS. Some Questions 1. Do I still need to install browser extensions of Safari and Chrome if I have the MacOS desktop version of Adguard running? 2. If not, how do I easily whitelist a website that is causing problems with Adblock 3. How do I hide the Adguard...
  17. J

    Does VPN icon show when using AdGuard Pro DNS

    I don't like the VPN icon showing when using fake VPN profiles Can someone confirm if using Adguard PRO DNS service, does the VPN icon show up on the status icon all the time? Also does it show up on the "VPN Configurations" section on the top half of VPN settings screen or on the "Personal...
  18. J

    AdGuard Pro and DNS Question

    I am using an app called DNSOverride DNS Override - set DNS for Wi-Fi and cellular on the App Store (paid feature) that allows one to set a custom DNS for both Wifi and Cellular networks I have then put in Adguard DNS server on this app so I am using Adguard protection service for both Wifi...
  19. A

    AdGuard blocking TP-Link Kasa app for smart plugs?

    As subject titled, I am not able to control my smart plug when adguard 2.9.136 is running on my phone, I am also not able to see the runtime of the smart plug.
  20. 1V@ny4

    AdGuard PRO (ver:1.2.1) и iOS 11

    Всем доброго времени суток. Как уже известно что adguard pro, потерпел "крах", в связи с новыми правилами, законами. Всем тем кто еще не обновился до новой версии приложения, не обновляйтесь ни в коем случае. А всем тем кто уже обновился, сочувствую. Будет ли программа работать после обновления...