1. R

    AdGuard VPN

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I think adguard should provide a VPN don't you think? Maybe even inbuilt into the applications. Sorry noticed lots of posts about this please delete.
  2. Woitler

    Партнёрская программа AdGuard Ad Blocker и AdGuard VPN - Как это работает?

    Для использования партнёрской программы AdGuard, Вам необходимо: 1. Пройти регистрацию на сайте партнёрской программы. 2. Ознакомиться и принять условия использования. 3. Выбрать валюту счёта: рубли, доллары или евро. Какой вариант сотрудничества предлагает AdGuard? Став партнёром AdGuard...
  3. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard channel in Telegram - a place for discussion

    We are happy to announce that we've launched a Telegram channel where you can ask any questions and get live responses, discuss Adguard and related matters with devs and other users etc.: A brief Q&A: Q: Why Telegram and not Whatsapp, Gitter etc.? A: We considered many...
  4. Anonymer-User

    [SOLVED] Windows 7: AdGuard for Windows cannot be started/installed - d3dcompiler_47.dll is missing

    Hello, I have Windows 7 Pro 64bit and suddenly I neither can start, nor can I install, uninstall or update AdGuard anymore (regardless if latest stable release or beta), everytime I try to start or install it, I get a message saying that AdGuard can't be installed due to a missing...
  5. deamon156

    Как работает партнёрская программа?

    Можете расписать как работает партнёрская программа? Если вот например много друзей знакомых. Как будет выгоднее брать. Ключи на себя? на свой аккаунт. Или чтобы они сами покупали, а мне как то через партнёрскую программу деньги шли. Поясните как она работает, эта партнёрская программа. Своя...
  6. G

    Using MITM to intercept HTTPS Requests

    I found that some ads are still creeping in somehow. Some ads like in-url ads using HTTPS (I mean,, where is a useful site with but is an ad url). I have encountered this...
  7. Gass

    AdGuard's New Knowledge Base (KB) is here - YEA !

    Boo Berry has passed the word that the Adguard's - New Knowledge Base has launched!
  8. Bushido

    [-] The Pirate Bay torrent view list

    Why Adguard blocks list, which shows files inside the torrent file?
  9. D

    AdGuard Browser is this possible?

    Hey guys had this thought last night and wanted to ask if there is any chance of it happening. Could there be any chance of you guys developing your own web browser for android/ios/windows etc with adguard built in? I think this would make an excellent addition to your port folio.
  10. Pcheezo

    AdGuard Assistant

    With the full app on OSX the Adguard Assistant can sometimes get in the way on webpages. It would be much better if the assistant was an icon in the Toolbar on the top of the browser and had all the same options. Or if when you clicked on the Adguard icon in the toolbar on the desktop it gave...
  11. H

    Eset и AdGuard

    все работало пока не поставил есет почти все сайты перестали загружаться во всех браузерах кроме яндекса) вижу такое: если закрываю adguard все работает далее скрины что еще нужно предоставить?
  12. yigido

    Why you are using adblocker? Write your thoughts

    Here is the one reason, why I am using Adblocker (Adguard) and why I suggest it to my enviroment.
  13. S

    AdGuard problem

    I do not know, or just me, but when I turned on HTTPS filtering websites, after a few minutes after turning Cyberfox x64 browser crashes. After disabling HTTPS filtering is not present this problem. Secondly, there is a problem with uninstalling the current beta (I wanted to go back to the...
  14. R

    AdGuard malware Blocking Options

    Regards, if not much to ask, could be handy to have an option to not display the pop up website warning, it already bother to have many browser pages opened even if adguard blocked them. i know many people would like this feature think about it, the option will be like: Close malware website...
  15. Gass

    AdGuard Forum - Terms of Service and Rules

    Hello Adguard Forum members, If your not familiar with or know how to find the forums - Terms of Service and Rules they can be found here Gass
  16. Bushido


    When browsing digital newspapers (, that belongs to *, then a message, that is indicating that I have adblocker, turns on. After disabling it with Adguard for Opera, then the message is gone. After refreshing site or browsing to similar...
  17. D

    Подскажите как правильно настроить блокировку

    Добрый день. Подскажите пожалуйста 2 вещи. Используется Google Chrome. 1) Как нибудь можно заблокировать для rss лент, то что находится над rss лентой? Я использую это дополнение для лент:
  18. Bushido

    [Resolved] talk page is broken with AdGuard for Opera article's talk page's editing page's article saving section (that is under word ,,Resümee") is missing with Adguard for Opera enabled. After disabling extension, then I can see editing section. et.wikipedia article's talk page's editing page's article saving section...
  19. Dustyn

    CHROMIUM: YouTube now showing annoying advertisements...

    Hey yall, how you doing? To start off I am using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.51) Anniversary Update, Adguard v6.0.226.1108 and the latest snapshot release of Chromium. For some rather strange annoying reason, Adguard doesn't seem to want to filter out YouTube...
  20. Wusa

    Обновление фильтров AdGuard в фоновом режиме даже через LTE

    Всем привет! Еще когда вышла 1.0.6 версия нашего замечательного приложения для iOS, я в блоге оставил комментарий - реквестировал добавление возможности фонового обновления фильтров AdGuard даже в том случае, если устройство подключено к Wi-Fi, а, скажем, к сети мобильного оператора. Понятно...