1. S

    Adguard Home Custom Filter Rule Regex Issue

    Hi, I am trying to create a regex that blocks any domain that contains a word (ad or ads) but the problem is it also blocks the domains that contain the word downloads so I came up with this regex below that works just fine for my need i.e. it ignores words download and I tested this with...
  2. БлагоЯр

    Настройка DDWRT

    Извиняюсь, что не туда, но может поможете по AdGuardHome? В "Настройки-Основные настройки" прописал DNS В "Службы-Дополнительные опции DNSMasq" прописал dhcp-option=6,,, Через некоторое время захожу в вэб-интерфейс, статистика по нулям. В чём может быть причина?
  3. L

    AdGuard home on spare laptop

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to set Adguard home on my old windows 10 laptop, so far I tried to run various commands to do the install from the AdGuard home github but no luck. I wish to do so to cover all the devices in my home as currently I am using the laptop with the Plex software so I...
  4. L

    Adguard Home on VPS - use as private DNS on Android devices

    Hey! I prepared AdGuard Home on my VPS, everything works fine in normal cases i.e. when I use VPS IP as DNS server, but I'm also interested in using it as private DNS on my android devices - the same way we can now type "" in settings. Think AdGuard DNS have some stability issues...
  5. D

    Журнал в Adguard Home

    Здравствуйте. Возможно ли как-то в Adguard Home сделать так, чтобы в Журнале все "сайты для взрослых" позначались каким-то отдельным тегом, чтобы в случае необходимости можно было быстро найти кто и куда ходил? То есть, не нужно блокировать такие запросы, а просто позначать их как-то.
  6. I

    Проблема с AdGuard Home

    Всем привет, AdGuardHome настроен в docker контейнере, проблема в том, что он не фильтрует проводные соединения, фильтрует только wifi. Хотя счетчик DNS запросов по проводному соединению показывает активность, если вручную заблокировать доступ компа на любой ресурс, в логах отображается, что...
  7. L

    AdGuard Home on RaspberryPi doesnt block WhatsApp?

    Hey there, dont know if im right here but... just installed AdGuardHome on Raspberry Pi and found that checkbox "block whatsapp" it seams that it doesnt work at all? normal chat is still working? all other services like facebook and co get blocked? greets from germany Laufwerk
  8. N

    Dive into blocked domains

    This isn't really for Adguard for Mac, rather for AdGuardHome. First off, it would be nice to have a forum for AGH along with the ones that are currently in the forums as I seem to have more questions regarding AGH instead of my locally installed software. Secondly, looking at the AGH...
  9. H

    Update error AdGuardHome Linux

    Hi, Since there is no forum for Linux I create a thread here. I followed the update instructions on GitHub: At the moment, the update procedure is manual: Download the new AdGuard Home binary. Replace the old file with the new one. Restart AdGuard Home. But my AdGuardHome server crashed...