1. G

    Split tunnel for 'helper' app for Arq

    I want to exclude Arq (backup to the cloud app) from using the VPN. Whilst running a backup the app running is /Applications/ I can add /Application/ to the exclusions, but not the helper app which is within the bundle. How do I add...
  2. M can detect AdGuard VPN

    According to the information I read in an article about your VPN, it is supposed to be practically impossible to detect because it would be indistinguishable from HTTPS traffic, am I right? However, when trying to access an airdrop in, it detects the vpn and asks me to deactivate it to...
  3. V

    Does ADGUARD VPN speed up the internet in the mibox4 TV monitoring application?

    I somehow managed to install ADGUARD VPN on my mibox4 device. The internet is coming at a speed of 5mbps and 0.64 mbps when the vpn is turned off. adguard vpn is on and when the location changes, the download and upload speed over 11, but there is no freezing in my native movie watching...
  4. Q

    If I use Adguard VPN on my phone and the phone as a Hotspot, do I need to use VPN on my PC as well?

    If I use Adguard VPN on my phone and the phone as a Hotspot, which I connect through my Windows laptop, do I need to activate Adguard VPN on my PC as well? Or is it overkill/unnecessary redundancy? Thanks!
  5. U

    AdGuard for Windows and AdGuard VPN app

    Hi! Trying to figure out if the combo of Adguard VPN app and Adguard for Windows routes all the traffic through VPN (all apps, Windows calling home, etc) or this applies only to the traffic from installed browsers? How can one set which apps are routed through VPNs? How are DNS requests...
  6. J

    Regarding ADGUARD VPN for Windows (Standalone installer) DNS Leaking

    Dear Adguard! I am using ADGUARD VPN for Android and I have done the dns settings into it to route m all queries through Adguard DNS. But today morning when I have installed windows pc app for Adguard vpn then I have noticed that it is leaking m DNS. Websites I am visiting they are able to see m...