adgurd and vpn issues

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    Why is there a lot of port filtering in a short period of time?

    When I use the software in the local http mode, sometimes a large number of filtering logs appear in the filtering log, and I cannot use this software, but this problem does not occur in VPN mode. . I don't know how to solve this problem
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    Problems with Adguard Mac.

    I use AdGuard and AdGuard VPN on my Mac and have problems with both. 1. AdGuard for Mac If I specify "Network Extension" in the "Automatic Proxy Mode" in the automatic filtering settings to applications, I am always asked for additional permissions by the OS when I start my Mac. I work around...
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    AdGuard and AVG VPN issues.

    Hello guys, I am a total newbie here when it comes to AdGuard and how to optimise it properly. At the moment I have the AdGuard premium version on my windows 10, and having also AVG VPN, and for some reason when they run together the internet goes really really slow and often hangs up almost...