1. S issue with ads

    Hi there! I really hope you can help me out, maybe I'm totally stupid, but Adguard for Windows "breaks" any livestream with ads on Here are more details: Some of the people I started to watch regularly, are used to hammer on the "play ads" button every 10-20 minutes, since Twitch...
  2. Z

    Remove ads in the app

    Hello! Please remove the annoying offer to install AdGuard VPN in the settings. Especially now that your VPN is banned in Russian Federation. This offer looks like a mockery and inducement to violate the law. Please remove the annoying advertising object from your settings.
  3. C

    New Facebook Ad Tracking ? #FBRedDotAd

    Hi. Since 1 month i watch some weird behaviour on Facebook pages using the dark mode. Especially on the events of FB pages i see often a red dot on the left side for half a second. It is red with 10x10 px, PNG image, 79 bytes. Eg this page: The dot...
  4. B

    Still seeing ads everywhere

    I am still seeing ads left and right even though I have Adguard on and dns enabled. Yes I have the content blockers on in safari. There are ads in the background that I still see and an ad that popped up on this site random site I went too talking about a vpn.
  5. Z

    Get a Threat

    Hello community, What does mean that ads on Adguard Chrome extension? ads on Adguard ? sounds strange.
  6. M

    Can I filter system wide? iOS iPhone

    Hi all, I’ve just bought this awesome app and I like it so far. The only thing I’m still missing is the option to filter within other apps and system wide. Is this possible? I haven’t found the option within the pro app.
  7. M

    [Resolved]Why is this?

    It says: "Display useful ads". Seriously, software which aims in blocking whatever is commonly known as malicious content (like ads) gives user an option to enable showing useful ads? Whats the "useful ad"? Whats the difference between useful and useless/normal/whatever ad?
  8. Infinity80836

    [Resolved]Does Ad-Guard block Bing home page Ads?

    Question: I was looking at the Microsoft Bing home page and I was like "Hmm , it says its an "ad." so what Happened? (Uhhh I thinks I typed the image name wrong its not "aids" its Ads)
  9. Dustyn

    Adguard not filtering adds on YouTube

    Past couple of days advertisements are coming in hard on YouTube. I keep checking for filter updates but YouTube ads and banners are still being shown on the homepage. Is this a difficult request to resolve? EDIT: I managed to fix the issue. It looks as if Kaspersky Total Security...
  10. d0x

    Blocking overlays?

    Would it be possible to block any kind of overlay either the kind that slides in after page load that you can close or the kind that appears and scrolls with the page and can't be closed? An example of both is located on this page...
  11. J

    AdGuard DNS Leak and some ads not blocked

    Hello, This is for AdGuard DNS I set up DNS to use AdGuard dns servers individually in my Windows 10 computer and Android phones. I was reading some information at and ads were showing up at all sides I don't know if Adguard DNS do it on purpose (not to block ads...
  12. E

    [Resolved] video blocked

    Hi, there are many problem with one website. Adguard and website doesn't work, can't load! There probles is in my pc: windows 10 beta home insider preview build 18282.rs_prerelease.181109-1613 with adguard 6.4.1840.4955 alpha. In attachment, you see my problem with...
  13. E

    Facebook unsponsored

    Hi, Can I know where is "Facebook unsponsored" extension on app for Android v3.00?? On computer desktop, facebook web app, adguard delete every sponsor! Thanks!
  14. SergZZZ

    AdGuard 1.5.8 Mac OS Mojave News App ads slipping through

    I have just updated my Mac to new Mojave OS and AdGuard works well in Safari 12 and other apps like Reeder, but it's not blocking ads in newly released Apple News app, articles are showing ads. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?
  15. P

    Just a quick question

    I read a recent article that indicates Apple has banned Ad Blockers that use VPN profiles. Does this mean AdGuard Pro will eventually lose the ability to manually block trackers, or any address I like, that shows up in the DNS requests?
  16. B

    all chromium based browsers -> unknown ads and why?

    hi team adguard i have tested many chromium based browsers and have noticed that some ads are not blocked. of course i disabled internal adblocker on all browsers. i only used adguard with a few more filters and adaway with the standard hosts + mvps. in addition i tried to apply all ublock...
  17. D

    Why Adguard doesn't work on MusicAll??

    It says on the app say that ads of this app are blocked, but I still get one ad called "Tapitas" and "Footy" very annoying, why??
  18. R

    Ad blocking notifications.

    Not sure if you could add notifications when you block any specific ad, or maybe only add it for power users or people who like to know what's getting blocked and when?
  19. L

    Ads in Pinterest

    There are a dozen or more on every page! All have a text saying "Promoted". Is there a way to block elements with that text string?
  20. A

    ADGUARD is not blocking Taboola, and carom in Chrome 65

    Hello everyone from the forum, all right?; I'm new around here. I'd like to take a question. I'm in the test version of the latest, and the same is not blocking advertisements of Taboola, and the carom, in the browser Chrome 65. I've cleaned up history, data, cache; uninstalled, and...