1. Gass

    Are all AdBlockers Doomed - Hacker > Blocking the Ad-blocker

    This is just a brief excerpt from the source. According to your website, Ad-venture ads have been found unblockable when tested with dozens of ad-blocking tools. Please describe how that is done. Our...
  2. R

    [Resolved] [Android] Xperia Blog Application.

    Ads are still showing up in this app in the comments area. Link:
  3. Сергей Ильин


    Реклама в плеере на,например здесь- (скрин) ||^$third-party
  4. yigido

    Why you are using adblocker? Write your thoughts

    Here is the one reason, why I am using Adblocker (Adguard) and why I suggest it to my enviroment.
  5. R

    AdGuard malware Blocking Options

    Regards, if not much to ask, could be handy to have an option to not display the pop up website warning, it already bother to have many browser pages opened even if adguard blocked them. i know many people would like this feature think about it, the option will be like: Close malware website...
  6. Rajeevan

    Ads. in an android application

    For the first time after installing Adguard beta, I've seen ads inside the android application 'Assistant'. Screenshots attached. Please verify.. NB: The Adguard DNS is configured in the router..
  7. Gass


    Yes I started out on this site but cause I need spellings of more words I input more for spellings and end up on this site xxxxxx , the xxxxxx represents what word I'm looking for spelling of. I've element blocked of the top site...
  8. R

    Youtube Ads. [Android]

    For a brief period yesterday as I'm in the UK I'm sure Youtube Ads were blocked, but they are back up today, so whatever you done do that lol, anyway keep up the good work.
  9. K

    Does AdGuard make apps bypass the firewall?

    I have some apps which do show ads normally. I had tamed them with my firewall, but after activating Adguard in manual proxy mode they show adds again. My firewall say they connect to Amazon to get them SSL.
  10. D missed Ads missed

    Hi, I see ads missed on When you click on a link to a channel eg : you see the ads and also HD video codec is missing bar at the top. as same with other links toooo
  11. Gass

    ad's on all yahoo pages now and assistant icon gone from view

    Not much you can do to block an ad or element when the assistant icon is gone from view. I noticed it while viewing my emails ads, ads, ads, nasty ads. I couldn't block them no icon to use. When I closed out my email and the yahoo whatever you call it came up I had a video like banner at the...