1. F

    Remove AMP from Google Now feed

    Hi AdGuard, I love your app! It really blocks ads better than other solutions I've tried. However, articles in the Google Discover newsfeed (see attachment) are usually AMP pages. I don't like AMP pages because blocked ads leave a "web page not available" space, and user comments take several...
  2. A

    [Решено]Как заблокировать турбо страницы Яндекса?

    Есть ли способ блокировки турбо страниц Яндекса? Они прям везде! Достало просто! Может быть есть хоть какой-нибудь скрипт для их блокировки?
  3. d0x

    Bypass/remove AMP sites?

    A great feature would be the ability to shut off AMP sites. The only thing that would need to be done by adguard is to remove /amp/ from the URL. So when adguard sees (for example) it could just convert the url to...
  4. S

    Google AMP vs. Own Rules

    I created an own filter, like "||*". This works nicely if I enter the URL directly. When clicking on a link in a google search, it doesn't. I suspect it's because of Google's AMP, as it works using Bing. Is there any plan to make Adguard handle this?