android 10

  1. G

    Adguard for Android, few filters doesn't update.

    Some of the filters doesn't gets updated even after multiple retries. I have problem with Fanboy's filters specifically haven't tried reinstalling the app.
  2. Katagari

    Как правильно настроить фоновую работу AdGuard на Realme

    Здравствуйте, есть смартфон Realme C11 на Android 10 и AdGuard 3.6.1(11). Подскажите пожалуйста, как правильно настроить на этом устройстве фоновую работу AdGuard для Android? В статье посвящённой этому вопросу, в базе знаний AdGuard, нет моего производителя.
  3. U

    Https filtering error for root after installing Android 3.6 beta 1

    I'm facing an issue with adguard android where it shows a notification error for filtering every time I connect to WiFi or 4G. I disabled https filtering for this app but it still shows the notification on every connect. Details: Version: 3.6 beta 1 Platform: Android 10 DNS...
  4. C

    HTTPS-фильтрация на Android TV 9 и 10

    Здравствуйте. Планируется ли что-то в этом направлении? Проблема в том, что на кастрированном Android TV нет интерфейса безопасности (ни PIN-кода, ни графического ключа и т.д.) и соответственно сертификат Adguard для HTTPS-фильтрации установить невозможно. А это основной поставщик рекламы во...
  5. D

    Slow or even no internet connection when Adguard is enabled

    Hey there, Since the last update to version 3.4 I noticed that my internet speed gets cut in half when enabling adguard. Often I can't even send or receive messages on various messengers like Telegram or WhatsApp. The messages are sending as soon as I turn of adguard. The same happens with...
  6. O

    How to use Adguard (Android) together with Nord VPN?

    I have Adguard installed on my Android device and I added proxy server like: Proxy Type: SOCKS5 Proxy Host: Port: 1080 Proxy Username: Proxy Password: MyPassword I believe that proxy host is not obfuscated, since Nord VPN's server list doesn't list...
  7. S

    Adguard keeps geting turned off on Pixel 4 (Android 10)

    Since I got my Pixel 4 Adguard keeps shutting down. I noticed the same behavior on another Pixel 4. Will there be a fix for this?