1. No Ads

    TextNow and 2ndLine Problem With AdGuard

    Hi, Recently TextNow incoming calls cannot be answered when AdGuard is on. When you try to answer the call, you receive no voice and miss the call after a minute. It is like the answering system cannot be connected. A similar problem occurs when try to call. It takes a very long time (sometimes...
  2. Ad Slayer

    err_name_not_resolved error message when using mobile phone network

    Hello, AdGuard works pretty well when I use it at home with my WiFi network, however, when I go out and use the mobile phone network, I have to disable AdGuard because the DNS doesn't seem to work anymore (even when looking up web sites like Google). The web browser returns an...
  3. MarkToon

    Cloud sync of all settings/lists etc across devices

    Hi all, Have been a lurker around these parts here and there, and a lifetime subscriber of the product. I am wondering if there is any possibility to have a cloud sync feature for AdGuard on the Android platform, or all platforms for that matter. On my AdGuard account, I have 7 devices in...
  4. L

    Adguard Home on VPS - use as private DNS on Android devices

    Hey! I prepared AdGuard Home on my VPS, everything works fine in normal cases i.e. when I use VPS IP as DNS server, but I'm also interested in using it as private DNS on my android devices - the same way we can now type "" in settings. Think AdGuard DNS have some stability issues...
  5. J

    Difference between AdGuard and DuckDuckGo?

    So I received my invite to the DuckDuckGo beta for App Tracking Protection on Android devices. Have been using it for several days and now I'm just wondering: anyone know what is the difference between AdGuard's blocking vs DDG on Android? I'm a paid subscriber to AdGuard and have been using it...
  6. S

    Adguard no longer working in Secure Folder after updating to Android 12

    Hi, I know that AG only works in the Secured Folder (SF) if it is installed separately within SG itself. It was working fine in SF until I updated to Android 12 for my S21 Ultra recently. Now AG no longer works in SF as when you enable the protection, it shows that "An error occurred during...
  7. Q

    Is there a way to include WOT security in Android app (like it's possible in the Windows app)?

    Hey folks, Is there a way to include WOT security in Android app )like it's possible in Windows)? Thanks
  8. G

    When I add a custom DNS over QUIC, the application closes and the configuration is not saved

    Good afternoon and thanks in advance. When I add a custom DNS over TLS, it saves correctly. I need to add a DNS over QUIC to add NextDNS. Thanks
  9. Б

    [Решено] Слежка

    Здравствуйте !! Блокирует ли Adguard подобные слежки от приложений?
  10. d0x

    Google FLoC Does Adguard have a way to block googles new tracking system built into chrome?
  11. d0x

    Creepy google blocking?

    Ok so recently my wife and I have noticed we are getting articles suggested to us in our Google now/assistant feed that are based off conversations we had. So we talk about something and maybe a week later we start getting articles. There are no searches or anything it's just a conversation...
  12. Katagari

    Как правильно настроить фоновую работу AdGuard на Realme

    Здравствуйте, есть смартфон Realme C11 на Android 10 и AdGuard 3.6.1(11). Подскажите пожалуйста, как правильно настроить на этом устройстве фоновую работу AdGuard для Android? В статье посвящённой этому вопросу, в базе знаний AdGuard, нет моего производителя.
  13. S

    Can Adguard for Android filter whole LAN?

    I heard about adguard today and I wanted to know more about it. Specifically the Android version. Can the Android apk make any Android device into an adblock server in my local LAN or does it only work on the local android device? I ask because I have a couple of unused Android streamers on...
  14. S

    Не открываются сайты при включённом AdGuard

    Здравствуйте. ID 2435915 Через какое то время перестают открываться сайты в браузере Google Chrome. Приложение работает нестабильно. Зависает, само закрывается. Хотя приложение было закреплено, в Диспетчере батареи было включено ручное управление и также включено игнорирование оптимизации...
  15. M

    AdGuard for Android breaks my WiFi?

    I tried to install AdGuard on a new device. However, activating AdGuard breaks my WiFi. It stops working/loading anything. The only way to get it to work is to uninstall AdGuard AND delete the certificate it installed. This does not affect my mobile data, just WiFi. I have tried uninstalling...
  16. Woitler

    [Решено] Периодически выключается защита и пр. аномалии

    Есть бюджетный смартфон Prestigio Muze X5 LTE (PSP5518DUO), работает на модифицированном Android 7.0 Все обновления прошивки установлены, новых патчей уже давно нет, и наверное, уже не будет никогда. На смартфон установлен AdGuard для Android v3.5.1(65) Периодически, на смартфоне выключается...
  17. vadim_mafik

    [Решено] Переход на iOS

    Доброго времени суток! Появилось желание перейти с Android на iOS, но пугает перспектива столкнуться с рекламой. Посему у меня несколько вопросов: 1) У меня уже есть вечная лицензия на несколько устройств, в том числе, для мобильных устройств. Мне нужно будет что-то докупать, при переходе...
  18. H

    Adguard filters ads on chrome incognito tab but doesn't on normal tab

    First I cleared all cache from Chrome app on my android phone(Galaxy S20). When I access pages via normal Chrome tab, AdGuard doesn't filter some ads. But when I access same pages via incognito tab, it filters.
  19. A

    AG VPN on Android - disconnects multiple times per day

    I'm using AG VPN for Android v1.0.131 (SOCKS proxy mode) and AG for Android v3.4.120 on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Android 10 (not rooted). I am working from home so 99% of the time my phone is connected to WiFi as well as 4G LTE. I am connecting to the Sydney VPN location. I could try others...
  20. G

    Lots of apps have suddenly stopped working

    ...when AdGuard is enabled, lots of apps that worked till last week have stopped working, behaving as if there is no signal or something.... For example, Mail does not load new emails, there is the circling thing showing that it tries to update, but nothing happens. If I disable AdGuard, new...