1. A

    AG VPN on Android - disconnects multiple times per day

    I'm using AG VPN for Android v1.0.131 (SOCKS proxy mode) and AG for Android v3.4.120 on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Android 10 (not rooted). I am working from home so 99% of the time my phone is connected to WiFi as well as 4G LTE. I am connecting to the Sydney VPN location. I could try others...
  2. G

    Lots of apps have suddenly stopped working

    ...when AdGuard is enabled, lots of apps that worked till last week have stopped working, behaving as if there is no signal or something.... For example, Mail does not load new emails, there is the circling thing showing that it tries to update, but nothing happens. If I disable AdGuard, new...
  3. Hitman

    Разная фильтрация в разных мобильных браузерах

    Здравствуйте, уважаемые форумчане! Прошу помочь разобраться со следующей ситуацией. На смартфоне с Андроид 9.1 установлен Адгард 3.3.3 (фильтрация https включена), последние версии из Плей маркета мобильных браузеров Опера и Хром. При заходе на один и тот же сайт ( в Опере...
  4. Scarlett Wolf

    [Решено] Будет ли премиум блокировать рекламу в YouTube?

    Реклама в ютюбе мне не мешает, но меня ужасно достала реклама бога после 12:00. Будет ли премиум AdGuard её блокировать?
  5. K

    AdGuard Android App Plus AdGuard DNS Down?

    Hello AdGuard. I have your Android App and use your DNS in my router, but they appear to be down. It could be something else, but I'm able to connect to the internet with my phone by turning off AdGuard DNS VPN and by using my Spectrum default DNS servers. When I try to enable the Android app...
  6. Woitler

    Lovina на Блокировать или оставить?

    На днях, в социальной сети ВКонтакте был запущен интегрированный сервис знакомств Lovina. Реализация вызвала неоднозначные отзывы у пользователей социальной сети. Многих волнует вопрос, как скрыть данный элемент со своей страницы, на данный момент - никак, опция не реализована. С одной стороны...
  7. O

    How to use Adguard (Android) together with Nord VPN?

    I have Adguard installed on my Android device and I added proxy server like: Proxy Type: SOCKS5 Proxy Host: Port: 1080 Proxy Username: Proxy Password: MyPassword I believe that proxy host is not obfuscated, since Nord VPN's server list doesn't list...
  8. L

    Adguard VPN causes Android 9 Meizu phone on Cellular connection to reboot as soon as VPN is connected.

    Hi, I saw some threads about phones rebooting when using AdGuard with Android 10, but this happens to me on Flyme which is based on Android 9. I narrowed it down to Adguard VPN and it only happens on cellular connections, not on WIFI. I even tried updating to AdGuard Beta 3.3RC1, didn't...
  9. ghazan

    Не работает выбор приложений для фильтрации?

    Есть такая проблема: у меня под Андроид (Xiaomi mi8, 11.0.6, AdGuard 3.3 nightly 20) есть конфликт между двумя программами: Youtube Vanced и Bejeveled Classic. Проблема заключается в следующей дилемме: - если я выставляю в AdGuard фильтрацию всех приложений, тогда AdGuard высаживает батарейку...
  10. H

    after recent upgrade, there is a new crapware

    Hi, last week something has been updated in my Xiomi Android One phone and ever since for no reason Google Chrome browser is opening with "" URL. I tried to block it with AdGuard but it fails and I am not able to trace it where it comes from. Phone is clean from viruses at least...
  11. twistedvincent

    Whitelisting Amazon Prime App

    I've been using Adguard with my Shield TV successfully for well over a year with no issues but all of a sudden last week my Amazon Prime App wouldn't connect (JUST the prime app)) and I kept getting "internet connectivity issues". After posting to another board I found Adguard was the culprit...
  12. P

    Adguard + Tor works, but not DNS

    I cant seem to get DNS requests to be resolved by Orbot. Orbot is set as my proxy per the default settings in Adguard. In Adguard I then tried to manually set a DNS resolver by inputting a new one as: localhost:53 and then localhost:5400 after that wasn't working. (Ofc I changed the settings in...
  13. Z

    Выключился автозапуск и не работает фильтрация рекламы в эмуляторе Android

    Установил эмулятор Андроид "BlueStaks" 1)Увидел что при перезагрузке компьютера программа Adguard не запустилась автоматически. Если запустить приложение вручную то все работает, для обычных приложений, но так как я сам запускаю приложение чегото может уйти без фильтрации. Запустил обновление...
  14. d0x

    [Resolved]Weird DNS requests

    I'm going to post a screenshot. Anyone have any idea what these dns requests about that are just random characters? Should I block them? They appear in the log and part of some background process because I'm not actively using an app at the time. This is on Android 9 with the latest security...
  15. Lorne Wolf MacKenzie

    Questions about DNS Custom Filter's

    Running a Galaxy A8 (2018) using latest AG (as per screenshot) but have either overlooked an explanation or I just can't get it in basic. Under the DNS Category, is a "new" feature called "DNS USER FILTER" which is self-explanatory. BUT trying to get it explained... According to the KB page, it...
  16. F

    Госуслуги Android приложение

    Как только выключаю Private DNS =, логин начинает работать, включаю - Сетевая ошибка истекло время - сразу же после нажатия на Войти.
  17. d0x

    Ability to tweet blocked when adguard is active

    This started recently..maybe 2 weeks ago. Basically I can go to Twitter, I'm logged in just fine but if adguard is active the tweet button is gone and I also can't retweet anything. This is only on the website. If I use an app like Plume then I can tweet and retweet all I want Any idea why...
  18. M

    [Решено] Обход блокировки

    Добрый день. Купил телефон mi 9. Поставил приложение с 2 недельной пробной лицензией. Все настроил, все сайты открывались без проблем, рекламы ноль. Кончилась пробная лицензия и заблокированные сайты больше не открываются. Решил что с лицензией все вернется, но увы это не помогло. Пока искал...
  19. S

    Adguard breaks duckduckgo search suggestions in Firefox

    Hello When Adguard is turned on it breaks duckduckgo search suggestions in the address bar in Firefox. I tested it on 2 devices running Android Pie. As soon as I turn Adguard off search suggestions work again. Is there a fix?
  20. Alea

    [AdGuard for Android] v3.1.0 Release

    With releases like this one it's hard to build up excitement, but they are necessary. There are no major new features or radical design decisions. Instead, as you will see, there are a lot of minor UI changes to improve user experience and some fixes to known crashes. So the app should be more...