1. twistedvincent

    Shield TV

    I have the latest Nvidia Shield TV 8.0.0 and am trying to set up my Adguard premium https filtering and every time I try to enable the certificate it says "certificate not installed". I bought the lifetime premium because I read that Adguard premium https filtering is my best bet to block the...
  2. Alea

    [AdGuard для Android] Бета-версия 3.0.241

    AdGuard 3.0 первая бета Привет! Сегодня особый день, ведь эта бета, возможно, самая важная в истории AdGuard для Android (на сегодняшний день) — мы готовимся прыгнуть от второй версии приложения к третьей. Те из вас, кто застал выход AdGuard для Android 2.0, может представить, как много...
  3. Alea

    [AdGuard for Android] v3.0.241 beta

    AdGuard 3.0 first beta ❄️Hello! This is a special day, because this beta is, perhaps, the most important one in AdGuard for Android history so far. We are about to jump from v2 to v3 — those of you who were around when we first released AdGuard for Android 2.0 can get an idea of how many...
  4. C

    [Решено] [18+] Не запускается воспроизведение при включенном ADG.
  5. R

    Very Slow Filtering. (Android 9.0 Mate 20 Pro).

    Hello, for a while it has been very slow to filter Web pages and sometimes even fails to do so it just hangs and that's on the WiFi that has been fine ever since I had adguard. What is going on as its forcing me to pause more often.
  6. A

    I have two questions please?

    Hi ! 1 - How to scan the data stored in the program (android) special that it takes a large area 2- How to block YouTube ads
  7. nishka

    AdGuard doesn't remove ad-frames in apps

    Hi, I noticed AdGuard isn't completely removing ads (keeps the frames, often with "Web page not available" messages inside, which is quite annoying) in Flipboard app and Microsoft Launcher news widget. Both use some sort of internal browser to display content; when trying opening the same pages...
  8. W


    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
  9. A

    DNS - DNS pool, latency testing, auto-selection

    With 2.12 adding the new DNSCrypt V2, DoH, and extended list of DNS servers, I'd love to see the feature set continue to expand to include the ability to select multiple DNS servers (i.e. create a pool of servers) and have AG test for availability and latency and auto-select the best performing...
  10. F

    VideoMasti Club

    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
  11. zebrum

    AdGuard for Android v2.12.223

    v2.12 is filled to the brim with new features. New filtering engine takes ad blocking quality and performance to a new level, improved notification settings and automation options will make the communication with the app easier, and freshly added DNS functionality will satisfy even the most...
  12. zebrum

    AdGuard для Android 2.12.223

    Версия 2.12 под завязку набита новыми крутыми штуками. Новый движок фильтрации выводит производительность и качество блокировки на новый уровень, улучшенная система уведомлений и возможности автоматизации сделают общение с приложением ещё более удобным, а свежедобавленный DNS-функционал...
  13. myMoon

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.12.219 RC

    Another release candidate, this time for sure! One small but important fix and one change that we decided to include here because the opportunity presented itself. [Changed] Users with an active subscription will not be notified anymore about the upcoming license key expiration #2105 [Fixed]...
  14. T

    Unable to remove "Promoted" content on Quora Android app.

    Hi team/member, Can anyone suggest how to get rid of "Promoted" content on quora app. Thanks, Tushar
  15. M

    Block cookies per domain

    Hi, Is it possible to block cookies per a domain, say for example I want to block all cookies from ""? I'm using AdGuard v2.1.2 for Samsung Internet v7.4 Thanks in advance.
  16. S


    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
  17. V

    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
  18. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.12.212 RC

    The final push to the v2.12, which itself should become the last version before the long-awaited v3.0 release. As you can expect with release candidates, only minor changes here. UI [Fixed] Send feedback doesn't save screen state after rotating #2080 [Fixed] Bug in the AppsManagement screen...
  19. zebrum

    [AdGuard для Android] Релиз кандидат 2.12.212

    Финальное усилие перед выпуском версии 2.12, которая, в свою очередь, должна стать последней в ряду версий 2.x — за ней уже последует долгожданная 3.0. Как и можно ожидать от релиз-кандидата, здесь в основном мелкие изменения. Пользовательский интерфейс [Исправлено] "Сообщение в поддержку" не...
  20. -s-

    Яндекс.Погода на Android. Не отображается карта погоды.

    Яндекс.Погода на андройд. Не отображается карта погоды. При отключении адгарда все работает. Проблема эта существует 1-2 мес. Проверено на 2 смартах. На андройде с адгард 2.9. Выключена фильтрация HTTPS. Фильтры: русский, английский, соцсети и мобильной рекламы . Обновил сегодня.