1. zebrum

    AdGuard for Android v2.12.223

    v2.12 is filled to the brim with new features. New filtering engine takes ad blocking quality and performance to a new level, improved notification settings and automation options will make the communication with the app easier, and freshly added DNS functionality will satisfy even the most...
  2. zebrum

    AdGuard для Android 2.12.223

    Версия 2.12 под завязку набита новыми крутыми штуками. Новый движок фильтрации выводит производительность и качество блокировки на новый уровень, улучшенная система уведомлений и возможности автоматизации сделают общение с приложением ещё более удобным, а свежедобавленный DNS-функционал...
  3. M

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.12.219 RC

    Another release candidate, this time for sure! One small but important fix and one change that we decided to include here because the opportunity presented itself. [Changed] Users with an active subscription will not be notified anymore about the upcoming license key expiration #2105 [Fixed]...
  4. T

    Unable to remove "Promoted" content on Quora Android app.

    Hi team/member, Can anyone suggest how to get rid of "Promoted" content on quora app. Thanks, Tushar
  5. M

    Block cookies per domain

    Hi, Is it possible to block cookies per a domain, say for example I want to block all cookies from ""? I'm using AdGuard v2.1.2 for Samsung Internet v7.4 Thanks in advance.
  6. S


    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
  7. V

    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
  8. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.12.212 RC

    The final push to the v2.12, which itself should become the last version before the long-awaited v3.0 release. As you can expect with release candidates, only minor changes here. UI [Fixed] Send feedback doesn't save screen state after rotating #2080 [Fixed] Bug in the AppsManagement screen...
  9. zebrum

    [AdGuard для Android] Релиз кандидат 2.12.212

    Финальное усилие перед выпуском версии 2.12, которая, в свою очередь, должна стать последней в ряду версий 2.x — за ней уже последует долгожданная 3.0. Как и можно ожидать от релиз-кандидата, здесь в основном мелкие изменения. Пользовательский интерфейс [Исправлено] "Сообщение в поддержку" не...
  10. -s-

    Яндекс.Погода на Android. Не отображается карта погоды.

    Яндекс.Погода на андройд. Не отображается карта погоды. При отключении адгарда все работает. Проблема эта существует 1-2 мес. Проверено на 2 смартах. На андройде с адгард 2.9. Выключена фильтрация HTTPS. Фильтры: русский, английский, соцсети и мобильной рекламы . Обновил сегодня.
  11. T

    CSP Rule for android

    Hi I'm used adguard(windows)&adguard(Android) but i found problem CSP Rule not working for android example ||^$csp=script-src 'self' 'unsafe-eval' http: https: good work for adguard windows but failed for adguard android how solve a problem ?
  12. fademind

    ProtonVPN alongside ADG for Android work

    It is any valid way for work ADG for Android alongside ProtonVPN? On Helpdesk I saw setup for NordVPN. I'm newbe in VPN setup stuff, so don't bite me ;)
  13. Cool_Nick_Name

    [Android 8.1] [Resolved] Always-on VPN breaks Adguard start on boot

    I'm not exactly sure what the Always-on option in the VPN settings does, but when I activate it and restart my device it gives me a message saying my always-on VPN Adguard is disabled, so I have to manually start it in the app. With the setting turned off Adguard starts on boot normally. I'm...
  14. M

    Custom Filter/Rule for Cookies on [Android]

    Hi there, A short intoduction of the issue: Unlike desktop browsers, browsers on android don't give us the proper control to decide which websites are allowed/not-allowed to store cookies in our devices, it' just that we can enable or disable cookies all together, which is - very - impractical...
  15. AtenZo

    [Android] Приложение Badoo

    Доброго времени суток. При включенной фильтрации приложения Badoo (ссылка в google play) оно перестает адекватно работать. Пишет о потере интернет соединения, в 70% попыток прогрузить страницу сбрасывает соединение с интернетом и пишет что приложение используется в режиме офлайн. Если...
  16. d0x

    Adguard updates question

    I know the update button will check for and update your filters but what happens when there is an update to the APK itself? Does it notify you to download the new version or does it automatically download the new version then ask for permission to install? Since I paid for my licenses I...
  17. U

    Threat to WiFi WPA2 Now Everyday Reality. Neither Android nor iOS have solutions

    From a security update. Personal Note: Riseup is an email provider I use, along with RiseupBlack on my Linux desktop. Use Linux (Debian or Arch) and free yourself from “Defective by Design” operating systems. Wi-Fi Advisory =================================================== There...
  18. Rachel Weisz


    Site: Some time seeing anti ad block message. Thanks.
  19. D

    Modify user agent feature needed

    Hello all, I've purchased and been using Adguard for a good while on my desktop, mobile phone, and tablet pc. And I noticed that there is 'hide user agent' function on PC version. Now, I've been looking for a way to change user agent on Android. Here's the reason: I'm using a 8 inch tablet and...
  20. SpartacusSystem

    [-] Twitter App - promoted tweets [Android]

    Can these be removed or does this have the same issue as Facebook's sponsored posts within its app?