1. G

    [ANDROID] Can I view which URLs does an app connect to?

    I would like to know that if I. An know which URLs an app is connecting to (including HTTPS) protocol. I mean the complete URLs including the GET parameters and full page path. This helps the user in identifying the ad URLs of a particular app which are not identified by Adguard previously so...
  2. G

    [ANDROID] Block network access to a specific app

    I would like to see the blocking of Internet access to a particular app. Some apps don't need Internet access at all.
  3. G

    [ANDROID] Run the app in background & Enable protection automatically as soon as the app is started

    When I have exited the Adugard App, it says that the Protection is disabled, I'll have to manually enable it. It would be good, if the protection is automatically started when the app is started. Also, why is the VPN connection closed when the App is closed? Could not the app run in background...
  4. K

    [*] Sync for Reddit Beta v12.5 b2 [Android] I just grabbed some random subreddits for testing. Using Adguard for Android, premium licence. Will update post after I receive the ticket number. Ticket number - 1414045
  5. N

    [*] Pandora radio (on Android)

    Pandora audio ads are still playing on the android app. I am using the new version with HTTPS filter and the VPN server setup and block DNS enabled. I saw an old thread saying once HTTPS filtering was added to the new Adguard version that it should work. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks :)
  6. M

    Removal Instructions for AdGuard

    Hi, i have installed it, and avg says is malware, i wanna know hot to fully remove it?, i can't see it on apps. Thanks
  7. О

    Блокировка нежелательных каналов в приложении Youtube

    Здравствуйте! Существует очень большая проблема в Youtube, что в родном функционале видеохостинга отсутствует возможность заблокировать (скрыть) определённый канал для просмотра пользователем, который по его мнению содержит нежелательный контент. Достаточно ознакомиться с форумом гугла, где куча...
  8. R

    Youtube Ads. [Android]

    For a brief period yesterday as I'm in the UK I'm sure Youtube Ads were blocked, but they are back up today, so whatever you done do that lol, anyway keep up the good work.
  9. R

    [Android] Ads on YouTube app.

    Anyone know what is happening with the ads on the YouTube app, is there a workaround or any idea when fixed? Thanks.
  10. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Android] Release candidate v2.7.215

    Hello! Release candidate 2.7.215 Last release candidate showed several non-critical bugs, which, however, had to be eliminated before the release. We hope this RC will fix all the existing bugs and will not bring any new ones. As usual, you can read about new release and download it on the...
  11. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard для Android] Релиз-кандидат 2.7.215

    Привет! Релиз-кандидат 2.7.215 Последний релиз-кандидат выявил несколько некритичных ошибок, которые, тем не менее, должны быть исправлены перед официальным релизом. Мы надеемся, новый РК исправит все существующие баги и не выявит новых. Дистрибутив вы, как всегда, можете найти на github...
  12. Y

    Android N, Gmail not working when AdGuard is enabled

    Hello, I have been using Adguard premium for about six months now and have been very satisfied with the application's performance. Recently I upgraded to Android N Beta. Everything works fine except the Gmail app which completely fails to download any attachments. As soon as I click on the...
  13. P

    Filtering breaks apps - better App Whitelist UI, please

    Especially https filtering breaks quite a few apps, way more than whitelisted by default and that will probably always be the case. Examples I found after a single day of usage: Google Play Newsstand - downloading purchased magazines is impossible with https filtering active. Golfshot Plus...
  14. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard для Android: версия 2.5

    Не так давно мы объявили о скором выходе новой версии Adguard для Android, и сегодня мы держим свое обещание, выпуская Adguard 2.5. Вы увидите как множество исправлений старых багов, так и новые функции, и некоторые из них ОЧЕНЬ круты. Если вы следите за нашим блогом или форумом, то вы уже...
  15. F

    Remove o Hide Icon Key on status bar

    Hi, How I can hide the key icon on status bar? In a post I read that you cant because it is controlled by Android, but surely there's a way. It is very annoying key icon. I want to buy this app, but I'm not sure with this icon. Thanks and congratulations for this amazing app. Note: I have...
  16. Z

    How do i link my adguard for PC (Win 10) and Android (KitKat)

    hii how do i link my adguard on my android to my pc thanks
  17. V

    Nimbus Note и AdGuard for Android

    Adguard 2.1.359 for Android мешает работе приложения Nimbus Note. Если Adguard включен с опцией "Фильтровать трафик всех приложений", то независимо от остальных настроек Adguard, в Nimbus Note 3.4.1 невозможно авторизоваться, если уже был авторизован, перестает работать синхронизация. Что...
  18. T

    [Android v 1.1.801] Proxy Mode vs VPN Mode

    Machine : Motorola Droid Turbo OS : Android 4.4.4 Kernel : 3.10.40-perf-ged02eee hdsplat@ca101lnxdroid72 #1 Issue: When I was using proxy mode, no matter I use Chrome, Firefox or Opera, I cannot load or . But if I change to use VPN mode, I...
  19. Daria

    Официальный релиз AdGuard для Android. Версия 1.0

    Здравствуйте, дорогие пользователи! После месяца открытого бета-тестирования мы, наконец, объявляем о первом официальном релизе Adguard для Android. Ура! Огромное спасибо всем, кто помогал нам тестировать приложение! Благодаря вам за последний месяц было исправлено больше 100 дефектов! Все...
  20. avatar

    AdGuard for Android beta test

    Everything about Adguard for Android beta test can be found here: