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  1. D

    Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek is Obsolete?

    Hi, In the latest version of AdGuard, "Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek" filter is listed as obsolete. What makes it obsolete? Is there a newer version to use or has it been embedded into another filter?
  2. E

    Adguard Anti-Adblock Defuser

    I would like to suggest that Adguard develop their own Anti-Adblock Defuser, as the AAK list is already phased out and unmaintained and the AAK-CONT list is soon to be unmaintained, but there is a new defuser coming out. Unfortunately this new defuser, which was supposed to be Adblock Protector...
  3. spamywka

    скрипт Blockadblock он же Adblock killer..

    Здравствуйте! долго пользуется "Adguard " и забыл как вообще реклама выглядит на сайтах). Спасибо! Но, наткнулся на злейшего врага - скрипт blockadblock или Anti AdBlock, с сайта который заставляет пользователя отключить расширение на сайте. Например...
  4. D

    [-] [Anti-Adblock]

    I have searched the internet for a way to bypass's anti-adblock, but none of the so called fixes have worked. Anti-Adblock Killer used to work. Link example: What I get: Anyone know how to bypass this?
  5. Q

    [-] anti adblock killer anti-adblock katil
  6. P

    Anti-Adblock Killer Userscript breaks websites if used via AdGuard, works fine with Tampermonkey

    As the title says: Enabling the Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek userscript as an extension in in Adguard 6.1 several websites won't load and simply remain blank forever, for example: Using only the filter list in Adblock but installing the matching userscript directly inside...