1. P

    BitDefender and AdGuard heavily conflicting

    The current BitDefender Total Security 2019 and AdGuard are heavily conflicting: • AdGuard is not working at all (greyed out – see screenshots) and Firefox (not network access) is blocked. I was using BitDefender and AdGuard for many months without issues, it all started with the new update of...
  2. Gass

    Ditch the HTTPS Scanning feature of your Antivirus

    Sat. 11 March 2017 Users might be vulnerable while accessing secure HTTPS websites, and their antivirus is to blame. A thorough research (, conducted by experts at Mozilla Firefox, Google, Cloudflare and three American Universities, shows that...
  3. Gass

    What luck do the rest of us have?

    Delete your antivirus, says ex-Firefox developer — who claims it’s worthless. Ex-Mozilla developer Robert O’Callahan has gone so far as to say that anyone running the latest version of Windows 10 should delete it, as it...
  4. yigido

    How to remove Adware and Malware - SELF HELP

    Hi Adguard Forum friends and visitors, I am yigido and I have enough knowledge for cleaning an infected PC. People around me called me "Geekbuddy" Before, I was not using Adguard or any adblocker on my browser and I saw many fake downloads and ads. Those ads are serving malicious installers and...
  5. M

    AdGuard antiphising

    Здравствуйте, если в антивирусе есть функция защита от фишинга нужно ли отключить эту функцию в Adguard? Отключить для того чтобы не мешались друг другу. Также на сколько я знаю в Google chrome есть функция защита от фишинга. Или же с включенным защитой от фишинга лишь только усиливает защиту