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    Block Element on page in specific app (Safari, not Chrome)

    I would like to block the YouTube sidebar in (desktop) Safari, but not in Chrome. I tried:$ But for some reason, it doesn’t work. works, but of course that works in every browser. What part of my syntax is wrong? Thank you...
  2. B

    AdGuard breaking tumblr mobile share links

    I’ve contacted tumblr support about this issue, but wanted to ask the AdGuard community as well. Tumblr recently updated how it does their share links in the mobile app to include tracking analytics. I found a comprehensive explanation here: The problem is that with AdGuard enabled, the URL...
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    AdGuard vs ExpressVPN

    My AdGuard keeps disconnecting my ExpressVPN?? ExpressVPN keeps disconnecting my AdGuard?? There's got to be a way for both to coexist? I opened up App Management in AdGuard and shut off everything relating to ExpressVPN. Without my AdGuard my movie apps from unknown sources will have ads...
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    Facebook lite and Instagram lite will not start with Adguard enabled

    I'm using the latest version of Adguard and wanted to switch from Facebook and Instagram to their lite alternatives, however neither of these apps start with Adguard enabled, they hang at the startup screen until they timeout with a message that internet is not available. When I disable Adguard...
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    Ability to turn VPN on and off in certain apps

    Sometimes, Specially apps require "Please turn off the VPN" So, I request of this feature. Ability to turn VPN on and off in certain apps automatically. If I open the app that require turn off the vpn, then Adguard makes vpn off automatically. And I quit the app, then Adguard vpn works(on) again
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    iOS Allow ads on specific app

    Hello, I’ve read some topics about allowing ads on a specific app but they were all outdated or for Android devices. I want to whitelist my Archero app where I am manually loading ads. I identified some domain names with the DNS Logs and I whitelisted these domains but I still can’t load ads...
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    [Resvoled]How to block ads in program/software with AdGuard for Windows?

    On AdGuard for Mac there was an option to add an program to AdGuard and then AdGuard would remove the ads in that program. I can't seem to find this functionality in AdGuard for Windows, is it also available for AdGuard for Windows? I'm trying to add Spotify to Adguard, so that AdGuard can...
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    Problem with Adguard foto Windows 10

    why i see the filtres that I have disabled from the settings when i click on check for update button? Version 6.2 beta premium lifetime license, until August 2019
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    Facebook App

    How do I activate "extended selectors" to start blocking sponsored posts in the Facebook app? For reference, I learned about this from the version 2.8.67 change log: "Extended CSS support is a very important addition in terms of future (and present) possibilities that it opens for ad blocking...
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    [Android] [App] Sony's News Suite.

    The app is showing ads within articles and also like sponsored ads down the feed.
  11. Z

    Facebook app Suggested Posts

    I noticed that Suggested posts on Facebook app have increased dramatically since last week or so. I would say that about 33% of all content on Facebook app is Suggested posts. AdGuard Pro doesn't seem to block them. Any suggestions?
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    Filtering breaks apps - better App Whitelist UI, please

    Especially https filtering breaks quite a few apps, way more than whitelisted by default and that will probably always be the case. Examples I found after a single day of usage: Google Play Newsstand - downloading purchased magazines is impossible with https filtering active. Golfshot Plus...