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    Ability to turn VPN on and off in certain apps

    Sometimes, Specially apps require "Please turn off the VPN" So, I request of this feature. Ability to turn VPN on and off in certain apps automatically. If I open the app that require turn off the vpn, then Adguard makes vpn off automatically. And I quit the app, then Adguard vpn works(on) again
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    iOS Allow ads on specific app

    Hello, I’ve read some topics about allowing ads on a specific app but they were all outdated or for Android devices. I want to whitelist my Archero app where I am manually loading ads. I identified some domain names with the DNS Logs and I whitelisted these domains but I still can’t load ads...
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    [Resvoled]How to block ads in program/software with AdGuard for Windows?

    On AdGuard for Mac there was an option to add an program to AdGuard and then AdGuard would remove the ads in that program. I can't seem to find this functionality in AdGuard for Windows, is it also available for AdGuard for Windows? I'm trying to add Spotify to Adguard, so that AdGuard can...
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    Problem with Adguard foto Windows 10

    why i see the filtres that I have disabled from the settings when i click on check for update button? Version 6.2 beta premium lifetime license, until August 2019
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    Facebook App

    How do I activate "extended selectors" to start blocking sponsored posts in the Facebook app? For reference, I learned about this from the version 2.8.67 change log: "Extended CSS support is a very important addition in terms of future (and present) possibilities that it opens for ad blocking...
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    [Android] [App] Sony's News Suite.

    The app is showing ads within articles and also like sponsored ads down the feed.
  7. Z

    Facebook app Suggested Posts

    I noticed that Suggested posts on Facebook app have increased dramatically since last week or so. I would say that about 33% of all content on Facebook app is Suggested posts. AdGuard Pro doesn't seem to block them. Any suggestions?
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    Filtering breaks apps - better App Whitelist UI, please

    Especially https filtering breaks quite a few apps, way more than whitelisted by default and that will probably always be the case. Examples I found after a single day of usage: Google Play Newsstand - downloading purchased magazines is impossible with https filtering active. Golfshot Plus...