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    Unable to remove "Promoted" content on Quora Android app.

    Hi team/member, Can anyone suggest how to get rid of "Promoted" content on quora app. Thanks, Tushar
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    OpenOffice App Isn't Working after Android 8.0 Update

    I've been using the AdGuard app on my Mi A1 for a while now. It was working just fine when my phone was running Android 7.0 but today that I updated to latest Android Oreo (8.0) whenever now I am trying to open the app it is only loading a white blank screen on its startup (or it says app not...
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    Adguard and ToR Browser

    I just installed ToR Browser, and for some reason, Adguard will not filter traffic in ToR browser, so, I went to the filtered app's settings and manually add it, I did it by both options that were given, yet for some reason it still is not working, and I don't think...
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    Does AdGuard make apps bypass the firewall?

    I have some apps which do show ads normally. I had tamed them with my firewall, but after activating Adguard in manual proxy mode they show adds again. My firewall say they connect to Amazon to get them SSL.