battery drain

  1. I

    2.11.76B fast draining battery

    i see Filtering Log can't disable please add this option for save battery and why this beta use battery so much then old version?
  2. H

    It's obviously battery draining

    When I use v.2.9.136, screen off battery usage was below 0.2~0.5% per an hour. But right after update beta version, which adguard allocated a separate screen for DNS settings, it suddenly drain more battery. 1.x~2% per an hour. Same with v.2.10.108. I removed adguard yesterday, and battery...
  3. WillyTP

    AdGuard 2.6 High battery drain - Android 6.0.1

    Hello, I'm an owner of Asus Zenfone2 ZE551ML with installed latest version of Android 6.0.1 I recently installed AdGuard 2.6, at first sight I was happy, but during the day I noticed a very high battery drain. My battery lasts less than half than before, and battery stats showed an use of...