1. E

    Beta Tester License Renewal

    Hello there! My AdGuard beta license has been expired even though I completed the form before my license expiration date. I have been testing the app for more than two years on iOS and Windows. Is there another way to apply for the renewal of my license?
  2. Lukas R.

    Alpha/Beta tester

    Cheers! Just quickly wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My Name is Lukas, 21 years young and from germany (so excuse miss spellings please:)) I´m happy that i got accepted and look positive in the future, i´ll send Bug or glitch reportes in the dedicated forum and will do my best to...
  3. zebrum

    Looking for your review!

    Dear friends! We are immensely happy to work shoulder to shoulder with you — and we value your feedback a lot. Tell us about your experience with AdGuard beta testing program: Why did you decide to join it? Why do you find it worth your time? Let us know what are...
  4. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard beta testing

    We have beta testing programs for every platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and even for browser extensions. If you'd like to join, read this blog article first: it will tell you what to do and will answer all your questions.
  5. avatar

    AdGuard for Android beta test

    Everything about Adguard for Android beta test can be found here: