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  1. A

    AdGuard for Windows - 7.9 beta 1

    The year 2022 has just begun and we already have something to show you. Meet the first beta version of AdGuard 7.9 for Windows! What have we managed to do since the last release? We've applied some AdGuard magic and greatly improved the performance of our app. We've enhanced the advanced DNS...
  2. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Mac] Бета версия 2.2.3

    Мы вносим последние правки в преддверии выхода версии 2.2: несколько небольших изменений и ставшее уже привычным очередное обновление CoreLibs. На этот раз, есть смысл остановиться подробнее на паре изменений в CL: [Добавлено] Поддержка скриптлетов Скриптлеты — это мощное оружие в арсенале...
  3. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Mac] v2.2.3 beta

    We’re making final touches in our preparation for v2.2 release: a few minor changes and the ever present CoreLibs update. This time, there’s a couple of really important CL changes: [Added] Scriptlets support Scriptlets is a powerful ad blocking instrument. You can say that scriptlet is an...
  4. Alea

    [AdGuard for Mac] Бета версия 2.1.2

    Завтра мы выпускаем AdGuard 2.1 для Mac, и мы бы хотели включить в него новую версию CoreLibs. Так что по-хорошему нам следует сначала выпустить новую бета-версию, и именно она сейчас перед вами. Эта версия на GitHub Скачать новый билд
  5. Alea

    [AdGuard for Mac] v2.1.2 beta

    Tomorrow we're going to release AdGuard v2.1 for Mac, and we'd like to incorporate a new version of CoreLibs into it. So technically we need a new beta, and that's exactly what you're looking at right now. This version on github. Direct download
  6. Alea

    [AdGuard for Windows] Бета-версия 7.0.2638.6551

    В этой бета-версии мы сделали акцент на изменениях, связанных с интерфейсом программы. Мы также исправили несколько багов, приводивших к вылету программы, и добавили новое расширение — AdGuard Extra. [Добавлено] Расширение AdGuard Extra #2648 В некоторых особо сложных случаях обычный подход с...
  7. Alea

    [AdGuard for Windows] 7.0.2638.6551 Beta

    In this beta we make an emphasis on UI changes but also fix several crashes. We also took this opportunity to introduce a new userscript — AdGuard Extra. [Added] AdGuard Extra extension #2648 In some complicated cases the usual approach with filtering rules just doesn’t work. In particular, in...
  8. Alea

    [AdGuard for Android] v3.0.241 beta

    AdGuard 3.0 first beta ❄️Hello! This is a special day, because this beta is, perhaps, the most important one in AdGuard for Android history so far. We are about to jump from v2 to v3 — those of you who were around when we first released AdGuard for Android 2.0 can get an idea of how many...
  9. Alea

    [AdGuard for Mac] v1.5.13 Beta

    In the anticipation of the AdGuard for Mac v2.0 big update (which is coming at the beginning of the 2019 and will have loads of new features), we really want to acquaint as many people with it as possible. And the biggest driving factor here is, of course, the ability to use the product in your...
  10. Alea

    [AdGuard для Mac] бета-версия 1.5.13

    Мы вовсю готовимся к выходу версии 2.0 AdGuard для Mac, правда, решили приберечь большое обновление уже на следующий год. А пока у нас череда маленьких, сегодня мы решили порадовать наших зарубежных пользователей и добавили в приложение несколько новых локализаций. Для самых любопытных: речь...
  11. M

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.12.219 RC

    Another release candidate, this time for sure! One small but important fix and one change that we decided to include here because the opportunity presented itself. [Changed] Users with an active subscription will not be notified anymore about the upcoming license key expiration #2105 [Fixed]...
  12. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.12.212 RC

    The final push to the v2.12, which itself should become the last version before the long-awaited v3.0 release. As you can expect with release candidates, only minor changes here. UI [Fixed] Send feedback doesn't save screen state after rotating #2080 [Fixed] Bug in the AppsManagement screen...
  13. zebrum

    [AdGuard для Android] Релиз кандидат 2.12.212

    Финальное усилие перед выпуском версии 2.12, которая, в свою очередь, должна стать последней в ряду версий 2.x — за ней уже последует долгожданная 3.0. Как и можно ожидать от релиз-кандидата, здесь в основном мелкие изменения. Пользовательский интерфейс [Исправлено] "Сообщение в поддержку" не...
  14. I

    2.11.76B fast draining battery

    i see Filtering Log can't disable please add this option for save battery and why this beta use battery so much then old version?
  15. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Windows] v6.2.437 RC

    The new release candidate brings a small, but important fix for Firefox browser. [Fixed] "Reinstall certificate" feature does not work in Firefox #2013 New build on GitHub Direct download
  16. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.9.135 RC

    v2.9.135 RC The last release candidate turned out to have a rather obnoxious bug: a crash while updating from beta v2.9.111 to v2.9.133 on Android 7 and Android O. The new update is a hotfix addressing this issue. If you have trouble updating, please download the new version manually. Note...
  17. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Windows] v6.2.432 RC

    v6.2.433 RC We know we promised the previous RC would have been the last one, but the latest Chrome update served as a cause for another bug that we felt needs to be fixed. The changes are minor. Anyway, this version is already available for download on the website, and will be pushed to...
  18. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.9.64 RC

    v2.9.64 RC Just one more release candidate, we promise! It features a new addition to advanced settings. You can see all release notes on GitHub. v2.9.53 RC This RC contains the finishing touches before the imminent v2.9 release: new French filter, updated translations, and some minor...
  19. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for iOS/Pro] v1.1.6 beta

    This beta version offers one new big feature: System-wide ad blocking #302 It's capable of filtering traffic of all apps, just like the already-familiar Adguard DNS. The main difference is that system-wide ad blocking does not require you to use any DNS server at all. Filtering is based on the...
  20. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Windows] v6.1.326.1705 RC

    v6.1.326.1705 RC The TDI driver issue was fixed and the HTTPS exclusions list underwent a major update. As usual, you can find all beta versions on GitHub. Beta v6.1.312.1629 This update is actually a release candidate. After so many betas, we have finally finished tweaking the network...