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  1. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard Pro for iOS] v1.1.3 beta

    Finally, a new beta version. It will be available in TestFlight for our beta testers after the review process is finished. In this update we make some changes aimed at better accessibility and app's friendliness. Now it is possible to make your own rules for DNS blocking. You don't have to...
  2. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Mac] v1.3.3 RC

    Hello guys! Adguard for Mac RC v1.3.3 We are getting closer and closer to Adguard for Mac release. This means we don't want any, even insignificant bugs and errors left. This is why we are willing to release beta versions with a changelog this small. To be more precise, this is a release...
  3. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.8.71 RC

    v2.8.71 RC An important hotfix for the recent release of Adguard v2.8. It contains only one, but crucial fix. As usual, you can read about new release and download it on the GitHub: v2.8.53 RC Hello! Supposedly, this is the last...
  4. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Windows] v6.1.296 R4 release candidate

    Update: release candidate 6.1.296 R4 We thought we had fixed userscript handling in previous RC, but, as it turned out, the fix was not complete. New release candidate, hopefully, finishes the job. You can find the full description on GitHub...
  5. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard PRO for iOS] v1.0 beta

    Adguard PRO is a new product for iOS. It is currently only available as a beta version. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, you should check this thread. Follow the development process and report spotted bugs you can in our repository on GitHub. Adguard PRO is the same Adguard for...
  6. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Android] Release candidate v2.7.215

    Hello! Release candidate 2.7.215 Last release candidate showed several non-critical bugs, which, however, had to be eliminated before the release. We hope this RC will fix all the existing bugs and will not bring any new ones. As usual, you can read about new release and download it on the...
  7. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard browser extension for Edge] Beta v.2.3.7

    Greetings to all of those who eager about browser extensions! We have great news for you today! Finally, we can affirmatively answer the 'Do you have an extension for Edge?' question. We have done a massive refactoring in order to port Adguard to Microsoft Edge. Now we need to test it for some...
  8. vasily_bagirov

    [Браузерное расширение AdGuard для Edge] Бета версия 2.3.8

    Привет всем поклонникам браузерных расширений! Сегодня у нас отличная новость! Наконец-то мы можем утвердительно ответить на вопрос "Есть ли у вас расширение для Edge?" Мы проделали огромную работу по рефакторингу для того, чтобы портировать Adguard на Microsoft Edge. Правда, теперь нам надо...
  9. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Android] 2.6.108 RC3

    Hello! We released a new beta version, which features long-awaited annoyances filter along with many other changes. As usual, you can read about new release and download it on the GitHub: A new beta version is available, and it is a...
  10. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Mac] Beta version 1.2.2

    Hello guys! We are ready to release new beta version of Adguard for Mac, v.1.2.2. New beta features few changes and mostly concerns network issues. A link to GitHub: Download link...
  11. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard for Android] Beta version 2.6.23

    Hi everyone! This beta version brings a number of very important changes to Adguard. Along with the new features, this build contains fixes for some major bugs (like no ad blocking in Youtube on Android N). Attention: we did not test this build on x86, so if you experience any troubles or...
  12. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard для Android] Бета-версия 2.6.23

    Всем привет! Эта бета версия Adguard несет с собой несколько очень важных изменений. Наряду с новыми функциями, эта сборка содержит исправления некоторых серьезных багов (таких, как отсутствие блокировки в YouTube на Android N). Внимание! мы не тестировали эту сборку на x86, так что если вы...
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    AdGuard for Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Yandex.Browser beta test

    Everything about Adguard extensions beta test can be found here: