1. A

    [AdGuard for Mac] Бета версия 2.3.1

    Дорогу к AdGuard 2.3 для Mac мы начинаем с выпуска этой сравнительно небольшой бета-версии. Она в основном про исправления мелких сетевых ошибок и багов интерфейса. Мы также добавили новый параметр Антитрекинга, для блокировки Java. [Добавлено] Опция Антитрекинга “Блокировать Java” #476...
  2. A

    [AdGuard for Mac] v2.3.1 beta

    To kick things off for AdGuard v2.3 for Mac we release this small-ish beta. It’s mostly focused on fixing network- and UI-related bugs, there’s also a new Stealth Mode parameter to block Java. [Added] “Block Java” option to Stealth Mode #476 [Changed] Discord, Steam and Outlook added to the...
  3. Flipmode

    Why no mention of 3.3 ANYWHERE???

    Please, as previously requested, create a topic for NIGHTLY releases in a sensible location, so it can actually be found guys! This is ridiculous that even Google, etc cannot find any Nightly release notes. I cannot see 3.3.18 anywhere.... This is the Android category! Please...
  4. D

    Ability to tweet blocked when adguard is active

    This started recently..maybe 2 weeks ago. Basically I can go to Twitter, I'm logged in just fine but if adguard is active the tweet button is gone and I also can't retweet anything. This is only on the website. If I use an app like Plume then I can tweet and retweet all I want Any idea why...
  5. R

    AdGuard for Safari crash on current beta (DP2) of macOS Catalina

    More of an FYI than anything else, but the current version of AdGuard for Safari (1.3.4) crashes upon open in the current macOS Catalina beta. Two things occur, first, upon open I get this error: "" can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified...
  6. K


    Hey, There may be no way to block Instagram's ads yet, but I would like to see the UWP client's requests in the logs anyway. So, I tried adding it to the filtered apps list, but despite it is on the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder list, I can't find it on AdGuard's programs list. d-----...
  7. Flipmode

    Impossible to find Category Change Log & Version History!

    There needs to be a topic under each device category that details the latest Nightly, latest Beta andand latest Stable, detailing all changeschanges and where youyou can downloaddownload the current or old version! It is impossible to find any details. I see topicstopics for versions that are...
  8. ammnt

    Версия beta - крашится приложение

    macOS 10.14.4 Mojave и Adguard for Mac beta. Периодически крашится приложение. Какой-то конкретно закономерности выявить не удалось. Логи сразу после последнего краша (примерно 01.04.19 в 11:45 МСК) в приложении. Помимо этого несколько раз отправлял репорты с указанием ящика...
  9. ammnt

    При включенной фильтрации сайт не работает по неизвестной причине (Chrome и Safari). Технические данные (macOS) в подписи. При добавлении в исключения грузится нормально. Отключение отдельно антитрекинга не помогает. Отключение отдельных фильтров не помогает. Логи в приложении.
  10. N

    AdGuard not working on a multi-user computer

    Hi! Basically AdGaurd works as expected on one user, but when using a different user, AdGaurd is open and running, but somehow not “active”. The only way to get it to work is to click “Reset Settings...”. But even after I do that, when I go back into my other user account, I will have to do...
  11. D

    Question about Samsung pay

    In the advanced settings there is an option to auto disable adguard when Samsung pay is opened. I use Samsung pay all the time while adguard is running with no issue. Is there something in the app being blocked that I'm not noticing? BTW 3.0 (beta) is's significantly easier to...
  12. ammnt

    Сбрасывается статистика

    macOS 10.14.3 и Adguard for Mac beta. Каждый раз при перезагрузке обнуляется статистика. Какие ещё данные нужны, чтобы отловить баг?
  13. myMoon

    [Adguard for Android] v 3.0.287β

    Новая, вторая бета-версия AdGuard 3.0 для Android. Всё самое сочное вошло в первую бету, поэтому пришло время закатать рукава и плотно заняться исправлением багов. Это не значит, конечно, что рассказать не о чем — мы отдельно остановились на некоторых заслуживающих внимания улучшениях. Кроме...
  14. Kees

    Very happy testing Adguard extension for chrome Beta

    Hi, The user interface is a big improvement. I have a small request. Add a WebRTC option to hide private IP address (use only public IP address). Thanks Kees
  15. Cool_Nick_Name

    [Android 8.1] [Resolved] Always-on VPN breaks Adguard start on boot

    I'm not exactly sure what the Always-on option in the VPN settings does, but when I activate it and restart my device it gives me a message saying my always-on VPN Adguard is disabled, so I have to manually start it in the app. With the setting turned off Adguard starts on boot normally. I'm...
  16. D

    "Too many filters" Perhaps a wizard or suggestions?

    So the filter page has a lot of options and if you select too many it tell you that it may slow down browsing but it doesn't tell you how many is too many or what combination is causing the message. I think im getting the message because i've selected the normal stuff for English sites but ive...
  17. D

    Can't disable logging

    I just updated to the new beta (2.11b) and the filtering log has turned itself back on and for the life of me I can't find the setting to shut it off. I swear it used to be in such an obvious place... Can anyone give me a hint because I know leaving it on is a real drain on the battery. Thanks...
  18. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Mac] v1.5.5 RC

    v1.5.5 RC This update brings just one small fix and becomes our new release candidate! [Changed] Adguard downgrades TLS version in case of connection error #300 This build at GitHub Download this build here
  19. zebrum

    [AdGuard для Mac] релиз-кандидат 1.5.5

    v1.5.5 RC Это обновление несет в себе лишь одно небольшое исправление и становится нашим новым кандидатом на релиз. [Изменено] В случае ошибки соединения Adguard понижает версию TLS #300 Эта версия на GitHub Скачать новый билд
  20. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Mac] v1.5.1 beta

    Here’s a first AdGuard for Mac beta in a while. Why are they so rare? Because AdGuard for Mac is nigh perfect, of course! Jokes aside, we did some serious work here, further upgrading the ad blocking and improving the UI. Changelog at Github...