1. Logiciel Testeur

    Where do I report inappropriate websites [DNS Beta Family protection]

    Hi Adguard Community, I inputted the DNS Nameserver IP's into my LTE router and everything is working Ok as far as I can see, the forced "SafeSearch" is a fantastic feature. I would like to help by submitting some inappropriate websites so my question is where do you submit bad websites? Here...
  2. A

    6.2.424.2123 beta & LinkedIn Win 10 app - new pop-up blocker blocking all external links

    Am using AG 6.2.424.2123 on Windows 10 16299.15 (aka Fall Creators Update). The new AG Popup Blocker (v2.1.7) blocking script is blocking every external link from articles in the LinkedIn Windows 10 app (basically wrapped website). I've tried clicking the "Allow all pop-ups on this website"...
  3. A

    Windows UI sluggish requiring AG restart every 24 hours

    This is a 'semi-long-term' (i.e. many weeks.. possibly months) issue I've been encountering with AG. The symptom is that I go to use my PC (running 24x7) , often first thing in the morning or in the evening after not being used for a while, and I find mouse movement is sluggish and 'stuttery'...
  4. FlyingHorse

    [Android 5.0.2] IPv6 causes ad leakage.

    My network recently enabled IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack access. When IPv6 is enabled AG does not seem to work. Many ads get through with Firefox and Chrome browsers and various apps that have normally been blocked. If I disable IPv6 altogether then adblocking works well. This goes for latest stable...
  5. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard beta testing

    We have beta testing programs for every platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and even for browser extensions. If you'd like to join, read this blog article first: it will tell you what to do and will answer all your questions.
  6. S

    AdGuard problem

    I do not know, or just me, but when I turned on HTTPS filtering websites, after a few minutes after turning Cyberfox x64 browser crashes. After disabling HTTPS filtering is not present this problem. Secondly, there is a problem with uninstalling the current beta (I wanted to go back to the...
  7. Rajeevan

    Ads. in an android application

    For the first time after installing Adguard beta, I've seen ads inside the android application 'Assistant'. Screenshots attached. Please verify.. NB: The Adguard DNS is configured in the router..
  8. gustms

    Disable Stealth Mode settings on some websites

    Hello there, I have a question: is it possible to disable one or more stealth mode settings on some websites without opening adguard interface and disabling it? Like, using some sort of user filter for Stealth Mode? I have some videos on "", and their webplayer doesn't load when...
  9. J

    AdGuard no loner filtering the latest beta of Chrome

    Hi, Adguard is no longer filtering the latest beta of chrome. The green shield does not appear in the Lower right. I also have ads on youtube while using chrome (version 37.0.2008.2-dev-m). Please let me know if I can help troubleshoot things. Thanks, J