1. A

    Block the following Porn and adult hosts

    ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^...
  2. S

    AdGuard Blocking Video Streaming after Uninstall

    Does anyone know exactly what changes are made to MacOS by AdGuard upon install? I'm having a bit of a difficult issue with AdGuard, well more like without AdGuard no longer installed. I had AdGuard running on 2 machines, One Mac, and One MacBook Pro. I cancelled my subscription to Setapp...
  3. U

    AdGuard DNS blocks Discord

    Hi, I cannot access Discord on iOS with AdGuard DNS enabled. I have tested the following: AdGuard DNS (QUIC): blocked AdGuard DNS (DoH): blocked AdGuard DNS No Filtering (QUIC): works AdGuard DNS No Filtering (DoH): works Cloudflare DNS (DoH): works System DNS: works All tests were performed...
  4. R

    Any action to prevent tracker?

    Hello everyone, Please excuse my newbie question, I’m a new AdGuard Pro user on iOS. I observe a massive quantity of trackers detected (approx 15-20% of all requests), and when I look at a specific request level I can read that the request is handled. Should I understand that the trackers are...
  5. C

    [Resolved] Quora Login Popup Not Removed

    I tried enabling each and every feature of the AG beta version . I even used "Annoyanced" extension but all in vain. The Popup still appears at every new link click .
  6. d0x

    Blocking overlays?

    Would it be possible to block any kind of overlay either the kind that slides in after page load that you can close or the kind that appears and scrolls with the page and can't be closed? An example of both is located on this page...
  7. E

    blockadblock do not remove message do not work!
  8. H

    How to block domain on IP

    Hi, How can I block a specific domain on a specific IP-address. Ex. #Block =>
  9. M

    [Resolved] Block content

    Hi, I'm trying to block content on a website on mobile. I have on my desktop Adblock filters in place which work but on adguard for mobile I can't seem to get them to work even after reading how to create the custom filters. Website: Adblock filters...