1. S

    Captive Portal Logins Blocked

    Not sure if this is an Android Q issue or an AdGuard issue, but I'm reporting that any Captive Portal Login I encountered was Blocked. It was consistently failing last week while visiting various airports, hotels, bars, and restaurants. I didn't capture screenshots for verbiage or keep logs...
  2. d0x

    [Resolved]Nova launcher being bad?

    The team is TeslaCoil the developers of Nova Launcher Pro for Android say that the app doesn't collect any info nor does it EVER access the network. That being said every time I open the settings of Nova and only then it triggers a warning from the adguard firewall. Any thoughts or similar...
  3. M

    How to whitelist a website

    How do I whitelist a website and also a whole domain for AdGuard on Windows? Also, on this website, after I submit information the whole page refreshes and the only thing that comes up is text on the top left saying /* Blocked by Adguard */ . I have attached an image to show what it looks...
  4. M

    videos on bbc news app are blocked

    Turned on the adguard, all the videos on bbc news app are blocked by the adguard. i did now is “disabled the adguard for the bbc news app”. Are there better options to enable the transfer of those videos, while keep all other protection in works, keep those ads blocked, for the bbc news app...
  5. Urano_Metria

    [NSFW] videos do not work with AdGuard enabled.

    I bought AdGuard a long time ago, and I am currently sitting at a Lifetime 3 PC + 3 Mobile license. It has been the best and only ad blocking software I have used since then. However, this has been an ongoing problem ever since I first got AdGuard. I have never been able to get xHamster videos...
  6. R

    Radio doesnt work

    Hello, since few days the radio-website "" or direct link to stream (example-> doesn't work! I can't play any station! no connection possible. Is it possible that ADguard block anything on this site? Thank you.
  7. B

    AdGuard not working for s7 edge power saving mode

    I have the s7 edge and got a lifetime license for adguard. I notice that adguard blocks all my Internet connection, regardless if it's mobile or wifi, when my s7 is in power saving mode. My s7 is not rooted, therefore I'm running in vpn mode. Adguard has no issues when I run it normally...