1. M

    AdGuard blocks necessary connections for Play Games (app of Google)

    It's impossible access to profile of the app: "Play Games" if AdGuard is turn on, in consequence: it's impossible play Mario Kart Tour, please, fix this, thanks.
  2. d0x

    Google FLoC Does Adguard have a way to block googles new tracking system built into chrome?
  3. M

    Switching off adguard blocks all internet traffic.

    I'm having this problem recently, whenever I pause adgaurd, or switch it off, it stops all my internet traffic. Chrome, Firefox, whatever none of them are able to access the network. The moment I turn adgaurd back on, it starts to work fine. I tried restarting phone, uninstalling the CA...
  4. d0x

    [Resolved]Weird DNS requests

    I'm going to post a screenshot. Anyone have any idea what these dns requests about that are just random characters? Should I block them? They appear in the log and part of some background process because I'm not actively using an app at the time. This is on Android 9 with the latest security...
  5. KamWest

    Adguard DNS - The most important version

    Looking at the forum I notice the complete absence of an adguard dns section. With browser restrictions DNS Adguard will eventually become the only solution. A device that sits before the router that filters out ads and has parental control settings will become the best version of protection. I...
  6. P

    BitDefender and AdGuard heavily conflicting

    The current BitDefender Total Security 2019 and AdGuard are heavily conflicting: • AdGuard is not working at all (greyed out – see screenshots) and Firefox (not network access) is blocked. I was using BitDefender and AdGuard for many months without issues, it all started with the new update of...
  7. N

    Create filter for Javascript HELP

    Example site for this purpose: Site Source contains the script: <script type="text/javascript"> var milisec = 0; var mCheck = 0; var seconds = 30; var seconds_total = seconds; function...
  8. R

    AdGuard DNS blocking Facebook Comments Bug?

    New here, testing the AdGuard DNS. I've been using AdGuard's web browser extension for quite a long time, and AdGuard's Stealth. Setup AdGuard DNS Beta on Windows 10 Home Network, Wifi and Mobile Hotspot. I noticed this evening, that at least on Chrome and Vivaldi browser, both AdGuard DNS...
  9. D

    Blocking Parts Of Google Search Results

    I'm trying without success to block movie showtimes, top stories and Twitter posts in my search results. I have tried using the "Block Ads On This Website", but it ends up blocking content only on that page or also blocking other content. Would someone please help!
  10. G

    [ANDROID] Block network access to a specific app

    I would like to see the blocking of Internet access to a particular app. Some apps don't need Internet access at all.
  11. FiB3R

    Updating and other issues

    When I manually checked for an update, the program told me there was a new version. Adguard then failed to auto update, giving an error that unfortunately I cannot remember, I think it was regarding the inability to access something, maybe to do with my account? I'm not sure. It had a random...