1. Gass

    FCC to make waves again This Week!

    Listen up Americans, you have a small window (till Thursday May 18th when they vote or close the comments down - I'm not sure of which), to tell FCC your opinions to the further cuts their going to undertake just This Week. Your Voice could make a Big difference and reprieve these harms to us by...
  2. Gass

    FCC Drops the Hammer on Broadband Companies

    In a milestone ruling that will bring the US closer to Europe on the issue of online privacy, the FCC, by a vote of 3-2, has approved a bevy of new rules to protect users’ privacy. As a result, broadband behemoths such as Comcast and Verizon will be prohibited from collecting and disseminating...
  3. Gass

    Digital Privacy - Have You Considered Yours

    An entire industry has grown around buying all this information about our digital lives, combining it with information collected from websites like Google and Facebook, to produce the detailed information on your daily habits in order to sell you more stuff... What will we do when the day comes...