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  1. D

    Auto update on browser startup

    Would it be possible to implement some sort of update filterlists on browser start up? I am not 100% sure but I think uBlock may have implemented this with the options to change the intervals under advanced settings (autoUpdateDelayAfterLaunch) which is at default 180 seconds after browser...
  2. Alea

    Релиз Браузерного расширения Adguard 3.0.13

    После серии спешных хотфиксов, мы крайне рады наконец-то сделать полноценный релиз. Это не самое крупное обновление браузерного расширения AdGuard, конечно, но уже что-то. Внутри вы найдёте несколько сравнительно небольших изменений и, конечно же, больше исправлений багов! На этот раз, однако...
  3. D

    Why English Filter exceeds Safari limits

    Why English filter exceeds Safari limits just by itself when I choose this filter on Safari extension. (I tried to reinstall the extension, and even switch to beta)
  4. Bushido

    [-] [Windows] comment section gone

    This problem is occurring only when Estonian list is enabled in Filter Editor. I found out that after disabling all rules related to in Estonian list and keeping Estonian list active, the problem persists. When Estonian list is disabled: When Estonian list is enabled: Direct link...
  5. Bushido

    [Resolved] [Windows] playing function disabled

    With Adguard, when play button is clicked and Ad Blocker function is enabled: Without Adguard, when play button is clicked and Ad Blocker function is disabled: Direct link: List of filters enabled on my device: I am using Adguard for Windows with browser...
  6. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard browser extension v2.4.10

    After numerous Windows, Android and Mac releases, along with the introduction of Adguard DNS and Adguard Content Blocker, it is easy to forget about browser extensions. But we didn't! We are finally ready to present to you new version of Adguard browser extension. What's new? If you follow...
  7. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard browser extension for Edge] Beta v.2.3.7

    Greetings to all of those who eager about browser extensions! We have great news for you today! Finally, we can affirmatively answer the 'Do you have an extension for Edge?' question. We have done a massive refactoring in order to port Adguard to Microsoft Edge. Now we need to test it for some...
  8. vasily_bagirov

    [Браузерное расширение AdGuard для Edge] Бета версия 2.3.8

    Привет всем поклонникам браузерных расширений! Сегодня у нас отличная новость! Наконец-то мы можем утвердительно ответить на вопрос "Есть ли у вас расширение для Edge?" Мы проделали огромную работу по рефакторингу для того, чтобы портировать Adguard на Microsoft Edge. Правда, теперь нам надо...
  9. S

    Why AdGuard blocked HTML rules in extensions? :(

    forget it. I found the answer by search. but I don't know how to solve script based anti-adblock sites in browser extension.. Some site is easy to disable ads by poor anti-adblock trigger, but some of not. for example, I believe this is the trigger. What...